Three Ways to Join

Napa County's Official Arts & Culture Month Campaign



  1. Submit Your Event for FREE: To add your cultural event to the Arts in April calendar, go to: and select the “Arts in April” category tag when you register your event. All events will appear on the calendar chronologically.

  2. Check out our Guides: There's suggestions for individuals on how they can participate and advocate for the arts during the month long celebration, and a ideas for those looking to put together their own event. Don't forget to check out the Creative Directory to find local talent! 

  3. Support the ACNV Community Fund Grant Program: Use Arts in April to raise funds for the artist and small non-profits that make our valley unique and the arts accessible to everyone.



Napa Valley Arts in April's mission is to enhance beauty and enrich life in the Napa Valley by developing local, regional and national awareness and accessibility to the arts through cultural events and experiences. We want to create unity in a diverse community, bring Napa County into conversation with other cultures and celebrate the authentic spirit of the Napa Valley.


There is magic in the arts. Art enriches life in so many ways-by creating beauty, by making hard subjects palatable, by bringing people together, and by inspiring us to think outside of the box and beyond the everyday. Arts in April is here to celebrate that magic, and what better time than spring?-a time of rebirth and renewal!

Arts in April is here to foster a unique, identifiable sense of place through locally produced and presented arts events paired with Napa Valley's best wine and culinary offerings, to generate a greater appreciation of local culture and more engaged audiences.

Arts Council Napa Valley 501(c)3 is funded in part by the California Arts Council, a state agency, and the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency.


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