Arts in April 2016 Application is Now Live!

The Arts in April application is now live, and early submissions are encouraged!

Photo: Engage Art Fair Arts in April 2015 event by Allison Reagan. 
The Arts in April application is now live, and early submissions are encouraged! We also wanted to let you know about some key dates and information to be aware of this year.
  • We’ve made some big changes to the way the program will be laid out this year so make sure to read the Arts in April toolkit. 
  • If you apply by December 1, 2015, you will increase your chances to be included in long lead PR opportunities as well as the January press tour.
  • Arts in April will no longer be divided up by regional weeks. This year, we are happy to invite everyone to apply at anytime during the month of April. As soon as you have your event details solidified, we encourage participants to upload that information onto Napa Valley Now so that others can schedule their events accordingly.
  • We’re adding “Spotlighted Events”! Read more about this opportunity in the toolkit.
  • Stay tuned for more details about our panel seminars: “Creating an Experience: Content + Programming for Arts in April” & “Being Seen: Pro Marketing + PR tips for Arts in April”!
  • Details about these workshops will be released in a follow up email in the last week of October.
  • If you have any questions or ideas, you may contact Arts in April Producer, Danielle Smith, at
Here is a copy of the 2016 Arts in April toolkit. We look forward to working with you!