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Arts in April Wraps Up 2015 Edition with big smiles and lots of hope for the future

Now in its fifth year and stronger than ever, Arts in April is a staple for the Napa Valley cultural scene.

Photo: Engage Art Fair, by Allison Reagan
Now in its fifth year and stronger than ever, Arts in April is a staple for the Napa Valley cultural scene. In 2015 we continued to invite wineries to showcase the arts, but we also opened the opportunity up to artists, arts organizations and the general public. We’re glad we did! 15 of our 62 events were spearheaded by artists and members of the arts community, including the Beatnik BBQ by John and Dona Bonick, Cuba Glimpses by Elizabeth Bush and Mark Mattioli and Robb McDonough’s exhibition of the Napa County Project at Lava Vine Winery. We believe that you have to create the art community you want to be a part of, and we were so heartened to see the arts community take Arts in April and make it their own this year!
Many of our winery partners added depth and dimension to Arts in April’s program this year. St. Supery hosted a lively discussion with Gordon Huether and Cairdean Estate launched the vision for Rosgal Gallery with an afternoon of local art and artisans embedded all over their beautiful new grounds.
New to Arts in April this year was the ENGAGE Art Fair, a two day arts showcase of Napa Valley artists showing their work and engaging crowds by revealing their process or inspiration behind the work. Held at the Calistoga Fairgrounds, the event organizers and curatorial minds behind the project transformed the venue’s raw space into an airy, colorful and elegant space to show off the Napa Valley’s creative talent.
Once again, Arts in April was a display of the Napa Valley’s vast creative culture, from street buskers at Jessup Cellars, private tours of urban ruins in American Canyon to intimate facetime with the contemporary artist Jim Campbell at HALL, Arts in April is a visionary program with something to offer everyone.
In wrap up for Arts in April 2015, we are still gathering statistics, feedback and overall success of the program. Look out for an upcoming survey and report!
Have questions, comments or want to know how to be involved? Email Arts in April Producer, Danielle Smith, at ArtsInApril@artscouncilnv.org