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Attend the Frys.com PGA Tour Open or Volunteer & Support ACNV!

Use code ACNV and 20% of ticket sales will be donated to Arts Council Napa Valley or Volunteer

Last year, Frys.com donated $5,000 to ACNV to help forward the arts in the Napa Valley and, we are pleased to announce, we will be partnering with them again for the 2015 Frys.com PGA Tour Open! 

Here are two ways you can get involved:

1. Buy a Ticket & Give Back to the Arts With Code

20% of your group’s ticket sales revenues will go to support Arts Council Napa Valley!


1. Purchase tickets online at www.frysopengolf.com/tickets/

2. Enter ACNV in the Partner Code (promo) box and click the text to the right

2. Volunteer for the Frys.com PGA Tour Open

By helping Frys.com as a volunteer, you assist in alleviating the cost of the event, making it possible for more donations to charities.

The cost:

  • $55 for renewing volunteers of Frys.com PGA Tour Open
  • $75 for Silverado Resort & Spa members
  • $95 for new participating volunteers

The perks:

As a volunteer your receive perks that are four times the amount of what you pay including:

  • Uniform package – logo shirt, jacket and headwear
  • Meals
  • Extra ticket for a guest for each day of the tournament
  • Volunteer appreciation dinner

As a volunteer, you get to be up close to Pro golfers competing in a world-class venue, as well as contribute towards the benefit of charities.

Volunteer needs for ACNV hole #12 

Days: October 14-18 (five days).

Shifts: Two shifts per day, approximately 7:30am-12:30pm and 12:30pm-5:30pm.

Volunteer Numbers: 

  • 6 volunteers on Wednesday for each shift 
  • 7-10 volunteers per shift on Thursday-Sunday.

Ready to volunteer?

  • Go to the volunteer website at: https://events.trustevent.com/templates/index.cfm?fuseaction=templates.home&eid=1891
  • Click “register here” in the upper left corner. Once you do this you will be prompted to do the following (should take about 5 minutes) – 
  • Select “New Volunteer”
  • Create a login and password
  • Enter personal information
  • Select “Marshal Hole #12” as your first choice of committee. You will be required to select a second and third choice of committee.
  • Finish addition questions – Be sure to select “Arts Council Napa Valley” as your affiliated group (question #15).
  • Select a payment option.

Manage gallery noise and control the crowd. Volunteers will also assist with player movement from hole to hole. Marshals should be aware of the rules of golf and be pro-active in reminding spectators to stand still and be quiet during player’s shots. Will also serve as the evacuation committee should the weather become dangerous. Volunteers will be on their feet throughout the shift and will need to be able to walk to and from their post each day. Marshals will be assigned to a specific hole once their application is received and will be based on availability and affiliation, as necessary. Active: 10/14 – 10/18.