Get Ready for Arts in April 2015!

In the spirit of inspiration, we're sharing some tips, ideas and information that we hope will get your creative juices flowing and galvanize efforts around this awesome opportunity to amplify art throughout the valley.

Get Ready for Arts in April 2015
Arts in April is only 71 days away, but who is counting?
We are! And we wanted to let you know that the next big Arts in April deadline is February 16th. If you apply by this date, we will be able to include your event in our printed promotional materials as well as in our San Francisco Chronicle advertisement.
In the spirit of inspiration, we’re sharing some tips, ideas and information that we hope will get your creative juices flowing and galvanize efforts around this awesome opportunity to amplify art throughout the valley.
Arts in April Offering Ideas
There are so many ways to create a vibrant and engaging Arts in April event. Here are a couple of ideas for events that we would want to attend.
Think beyond the wall. While we love visual art forms as much as the next person, Arts in April is also a place for performance art, performing art and music! Engage your audience with interaction and leave a lasting impression.
Bring creatives together. One of the things we love about Arts in April is that it ties different types of creativity together. We’d love to see a discussion about the creative process across mediums and disciplines. What would happen if a winemaker, a chef, a musician and an artist were all to discuss how creativity plays a role in their profession? We think this would make for a very exciting discussion!
Napa Riverfront Chalk Festival, Arts in April 2014
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Give people a hands on experience. What could be more fun than enjoying a glass of wine, taking in the Napa Valley landscape AND getting your hands dirty? We would love to see events or tutorials that give Arts in April attendees the opportunity to get in touch with their creative side.

More is more. We think bringing different art forms together is a great idea. What about a thematic grouping of different artists or mediums that explore a central idea? Exhibitions that pursue an idea in various formats are sure to create a buzzing dialogue that leaves a lasting impression.

Be site-specific. Think about the amazing assets your venue has. Is it great architecture? A beautiful landscape? An incredible history? Have an artist engage directly with an aspect of your venue as a way of creating an interesting dialogue and highlighting something special about your brand.

Stay tuned to future Arts Council Napa Valley newsletters and social media posts for additional event ideas. And remember, if you’re looking for an artist or an idea, we are happy to help. Contact our producer, Danielle Smith at

If You’re An Artist
If you’re an artist and you’re wondering how to get involved, we’re happy to tell you that this year presents new opportunities for individual artists to engage in Arts in April.
Engage Art Festival
This year, we’re excited to announce Engage Arts Festival, a two-day juried exhibition of Napa Valley artists at the Napa County Fairgrounds in Calistoga on April 25th and 26th. This event will be the official closing event of Arts in April and is designed to give Arts in April attendees a chance to engage with the Napa Valley’s finest artists. For more information, visit or download the Call for Submissions here.
Create Your Own Event
We are now accepting events outside of wineries and tasting rooms!
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You are free to submit an event at an arts venue, store, outdoors, or at a variety of unique spaces. If you would like to show your work during Arts in April we suggest coming up with a creative event idea and partnering with a like-minded venue to maximize exposure for your work. For more information about building an event, please contact our producer, Danielle Smith, at
Art Conversations 
For those of you who are interested in producing a conversation, panel discussion or speaking series, we will be highlighting these events in promotional materials as “Art Conversations”. Arts in April’s Art Conversations is an attendee favorite and generates a lot of interest and intrigue!
Local Artist Call Opportunities
Join American Canyon Arts Foundation for their 23rd annual Art Extravaganza at Jamieson Ranch Vineyards! Art Extravaganza is a juried show, with the exhibit running from April 1-9, 2015. This year, Mario Chiodo, nationally acclaimed sculptor, will be the guest speaker with the topic “From Monsters to Monuments”.
Yountville Arts presents a one day Artist Reception open-to-the public art show and sale with a maximum of 47 high quality California artists to be professionally juried: event hours to correspond with Yountville’s annual Art Sip & Stroll Art Walk event.
For any and all Arts in April questions or requests for additional information, contact:
Danielle Smith
We look forward to working with you!