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Heroes of the Valley

Heroes of the Valley

A collaborative piece paying tribute to agricultural workers of the Napa Valley.

Artists often come together to create, weaving different media to create stunning, unique works for the world to observe. One of those harmonious moments is a product of the work of two local artists and Arts Council Napa Valley Board Directors, Geoff Hansen and William Gantt. The collaborative video titled Heroes of the Valley combines the musical composition of William Gantt and the stunning photography of Geoff Hansen to depict a story of dedication and beauty paying tribute to the agricultural workers of the Napa Valley.

Heroes of the Valley
came to be when Gantt had just finished a similar collaborative piece with NVUSD VAPA educator, Nick Burdick, titled Yosemite High Hike. At the time, he had also seen a series of photos Hansen had taken at vineyards around the Napa Valley and was struck with inspiration, reaching out to Hansen to create a collaborative piece to pay homage to the agricultural workers who are the backbone of the wine industry, and much of the Valley’s strength.

Gantt states, “Geoff Hansen is a wonderful photographer,” continuing, “His ‘eye’ captures the images of humanity & imagination.”

With what moments that ‘eye’ has captured, Gantt had the images needed to create a story and a musical theme, resulting in the short video collaboration, Heroes of the Valley.

ACNV Executive Director Chris DeNatale states, “It is necessary to give the spotlight to the backbone and heart of the wine industry,” continuing, “the imagery of Geoff Hansen paired with the musical composition of William Gantt captures the essence of our Valley’s agricultural workers beautifully, telling their story through an artistic lens.”

Heroes of the Valley illustrates through a balance of music and imagery what life, work, and dedication go into Napa Valley’s wine industry.

To view Heroes of the Valley, please visit: https://www.ganttmusic.com/musical-media-to-share.html

For more about William Gantt’s musical works, visit: https://www.ganttmusic.com/

For more about Geoff Hansen’s photography, visit: https://www.geoffhansen.photography/