January 2020 VAPA Student of the Month Winners

Arts Council Napa Valley Education Alliance Announces

 January Art Students of the Month

February 4, 2020 (Napa, CA) — The Arts Council Napa Valley Education Alliance is pleased to announce January’s visual and performing arts students of the month winners. Five students are being recognized in the disciplines of Visual Arts, 3D Art, and Band & Orchestra. Also, there was a tie in the 3D Art and Visual Arts categories. This new annual awards initiative will seek nominees monthly culminating in an awards ceremony in April, 2020 to announce the ACNVEA VAPA students of the year and scholarship winners. ACNVEA is now accepting nominations for February from College, High School, Middle School and Elementary level visual and performing arts teachers from throughout the county. Please go to the Arts Council Napa Valley Website for more information and to access the Call for Nominees Entry Form

Here are January’s winners:

High School & College Level Winners

3D Art: Junior Jordan Groves, Camille Creek Community School/Nimbus Arts Program. Her teacher, Margaret Dennett, recognized her for her excellent attitude, commitment to her work, and enormous growth in her creative work. She has overcome so much and art has been a helping hand in making that possible, making her an excellent winner for this award.

3D Art: Senior Mariah San Jose, American Canyon High School. Her teacher, Adam Musto, recognized her for not only her strides in ceramics skills over this year, but for her ability to self-motivate and work hard to create and further her abilities in the arts. She shows excellence in hand-building and takes on projects at the wheel as well, learning to hone her craft and broaden her skills in the classroom. Her excellent attitude and motivation are only one more reason why she deserves this award.

Middle & Elementary Level Winners

Visual Arts: 5th grader Rogue Hill, Willow Elementary. Her teacher, Ivory Martin, recognized her for her growing skill and dedication to creating visual art. Rogue spends most of her free time sketching, drawing, and creating. No matter the task in the classroom, Rogue is up to the challenge and finds a way to add her own artistic flair to every project, no matter the skill level. She sees the beauty in the world around her and captures it on paper, making her a very deserving winner of this award.

Visual Arts: 5th grader Alexis Garcia, Bel Aire Park Magnet School. His teachers, Tere Charney & Suzanne Morgan, recognized him for his ability to overcome academic struggles through art. He shows his skills and talent through his art, making him a desired partner in class and giving him a platform to feel confidence and encouragement in his environment. He is putting his artistic skills to excellent use in an education research project in the classroom, wanting to use his talent to teach others the importance of education. For these reasons, he is a very deserving winner of this award.

Visual Arts: 7th grader Roger Flores Chacon, Harvest Middle School. His teacher, Nick Burdick, recognized him for his ability to take on the notoriously difficult French Horn at the beginning of the year, already performing at a level beyond that of most middle school students. Earlier this year he single-handedly organized and led a brass quintet that performed at our Winter Concert and can often be heard practicing pieces on his own time from composers such as Tchaikovsky and Bizet. For his profound skill and ability to inspire others, Roger is very deserving of this award.

ACNVEA did not receive nominations in any other discipline for any grade levels. 

All nominated students will receive a certificate acknowledging their exemplary work and dedication to furthering their art.

ACNVEA is currently reaching out to teachers throughout the county seeking nominees for the month of February. All nominees will be recognized with a certificate and winners (Two Visual, one Band & Orchestra at Elementary & Middle school level, two 3D Art at the high school/college level) will be featured on social media and receive recognition from appropriate school boards.If you know someone, a teacher or a student who deserves recognition, please direct them to the ACNV or ACNVEA websites for full details, including the Call for Nominees document Nominations are due by the 20th of every month.