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Less Than $3,000 Left to Reach Our Goal of $21,000 by June 30th!

Learn what we've been up to this year and see how we make a difference for the arts in Napa County. Will you help us?

Top left to right: Engage Art Fair, Arts in April 2015 (Allison Reagan), Napa ARTwalk Exhibition piece 2015-2017
Bottom Left to right: Poetry Out Loud 2015 (Andrew Lloren), “Art Changes Everything” by Flickr user: jpellgen

Dear friends,

In December, we reached out to ask for support in raising our annual fiscal year goal of $21,000 by June 30, 2015. Thanks to the support from that letter as well as the Creative Change program during Arts in April we are now only less than $3,000 from our goal!

We thank you for your continued support of Arts Council Napa Valley and ask you to join us, once again, in supporting the vibrant arts in our community!

As the county’s official designated arts organization we lead, advocate, and connect Napa Valley’s thriving art community. With a rich and diverse culture, the Napa Valley grows in pride, engagement and quality of life through the arts. It’s our job to lay the foundation for a local arts culture by providing ongoing advocacy and services to support, strengthen, and grow the arts in our community. The key to the success of our mission is to partner with the diverse population of artists and arts businesses to build meaningful connections between the arts and the other industries which impact us in every level of life.

What have we done since December 2014?

  • Working with Napa County Alliance for Arts Education, we have identified key challenges for arts in education in Napa County and are facilitating an arts action plan;​
  • Presented the first annual Napa County State of the Arts meeting to gather artists, organizations and businesses from across Napa County together to discuss current topics, challenges, successes and needs of the arts in Napa County.;
  • Presented the fifth year of the county participation in the national Poetry Out Loud competition, a high school poetry recitation and scholarship program engaging students in the poetry art form;
  • Partnering with Visit Napa Valley to produce Napa Valley Arts in April 2015 – with a new change – we included artists, arts organizations and more to participate! Arts in April included over 60 events,15 of which were spearheaded by artists, and over 300 presenting artists and receiving over 98 million media impressions for Napa Valley’s arts throughout the country. (Check out photos from 2015 at #artsinapril.);
  • Awarded a 2015 Napa County Arts Hero, recognition of significant achievements and dedication one has made for the arts in Napa County;
  • Serving on and supporting the Napa County Advisory Committee for Arts & Culture which develops and recommends grants for the arts allocation of the Napa County Special Projects Fund;
  • Partnered with the City of Napa to install the new Napa ARTwalk 2015-2017 public art exhibition

We have already collected over $18,000 toward our $21,000 fiscal year goal by June 30, 2015.


Will you help push us over the threshold by making a contribution toward our goal?

Count me in!  I would like to join the arts movement by contributing $10, $20, or $100 today.

P.S. Please let us know why the arts matter to you and what your specific interests by commenting below, even if you are unable to make a gift at this time. We’d love to know more about you and your arts inspiration story!