Napa County Alliance for Arts Education Launches 2014 Survey

Deadline Extended to September 9th! Participate in the 2014 Napa County Arts Education assessment.

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Update: Deadline Extended, September 9, 2014.

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Open through September 2, 2014

Now Open through September 9th!


The Napa County Alliance for Arts Education (NCAAE), a coalition of local education, arts, donors, and community leaders, sponsored by Arts Council Napa Valley, California Alliance for Arts Education, Napa County Office of Education and Napa Valley Education Foundation, is proud to announce the launch of a 2014 Napa County Arts Education Assessment. This assessment will provide the information on which a new roadmap for Arts Education will be built, guiding local schools and the arts professionals in ways to work collaboratively on quality arts education for all Napa County students. The NCAAE is requesting participation from parents, business professionals, artists, and other residents through a short survey now online. By completing the survey, participants will be entered for a chance to win a variety of fun packages such as private lessons with the Napa School of Music and day passes to the Napa Valley Film Festival.

Consistent and quality Arts Education has been proven to enhance creativity and critical thinking as well as empowering youth in the development of their individual voice. For these reasons, the NCAAE members are working together to optimize opportunities for every student and support access, equity and quality in Napa County K-12 public schools’ Arts Education. The NCAAE Leadership Team has determined that the lack of a common action plan and clear understanding of the assets, gaps, and needs relevant to our community are currently the most pertinent obstacles facing Arts Education for our students. The NCAAE Leadership Team’s survey has been designed to include the community voice in developing clear data on the landscape for arts in education and further assess how the arts interact with key education goals. The results of the survey will be used to inform a Countywide Plan for Arts Education shared among educators, arts providers, and private funders.  

 “From the NCAAE’s inception, we have witnessed unprecedented amounts of collaboration among local educators, school administrators, arts providers, funders, and community stakeholders all in dialog about our students and the ability to apply creativity in their lives,” states Olivia Everett, President & CEO of Arts Council Napa Valley. 

The survey will be available for the community to take part in through September 2, 2014 and is available We hope that residents of Napa County will take a few moments to fill out this important survey. To contact the NCAAE Leadership Team, email Robin Hampton at

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About Napa County Alliance for Arts Education

The Napa County Alliance for Arts Education is the first organized coalition in Napa County to facilitate the ongoing coordination, development, and awareness for local arts education. In December 2013, Arts Council Napa Valley and the California Alliance for Arts Education co-hosted over 50 leaders from across the community in an unprecedented forum to advance arts in education in local public schools, establishing the NCAAE.