New Member Benefit: Free Membership With Fractured Atlas

As a member of Arts Council Napa Valley you can get one full-year of free Professional Membership to Fractured Atlas

Arts Council Napa Valley + Fractured Atlas
Arts Council Napa Valley and Fractured Atlas have teamed up through the Open Arts Network to give you even more resources to help you succeed in your creative projects. As a member of Arts Council Napa Valley you can get one full-year of free Professional Membership to Fractured Atlas (and half off membership dues after the first year).
Fractured Atlas is a non-profit technology company that helps artists succeed as entrepreneurs. We build and operate products, services, and systems that help artists and arts organizations. 
As a Fractured Atlas Professional Member, you can…
  • Raise Money – We can help you raise tax-deductible donations to support your work through fiscal sponsorship.
  • Manage Risk – Insurance doesn’t have to be scary. We get how artists work and we’re here to guide you every step of the way to get high quality insurance at great rates.
  • Build an Audience – is free online software that helps you sell tickets, take donations, and track your fans. It’s easy to use and puts you in the driver’s seat.
  • Find Space – We build online rental marketplaces that connect artists who need space with venues who have it. Find the space you need, rent the space you’ve got. We’re in twelve regions across the U.S. and Canada, with more coming.
  • Collaborate Globally – International artist visas may come easier with a letter of consultation. Fractured Atlas can help.
  • Learn Business Skills – Our webinars, blog, pocket guides, and Fractured U. resource provide continuing​ education for D.I.Y. artists and accidental administrators.
Great! How do I become a Professional Member of Fractured Atlas? 
To join Fractured Atlas as a Professional Member, just go to Sign up and start using your free year of membership.
How much does it cost?
The first year of your membership is free. After twelve months, you’ll receive half off membership dues for as long as you’re a member of Arts Council Napa Valley, which comes out to $5.00/month. We bill monthly so you can have the flexibility to activate or deactivate your membership at any time. If you decide to come back, just reactivate your account and you’ll still get half off your dues.
5 Ways to Maximize Your Membership | Arts Council Napa Valley
Work it, Use it, Own it. Memberships with Arts Council Napa Valley are packed full of wonderful benefits and marketing opportunities. Take advantage of the benefits offered to you by using the tips below. 
1- Connect. As an ACNV member, you are invited to Arts Mixers and other events for free or discounted rates. These events provide you with great networking opportunities and meeting like-minded folks in the region. These events also provide great opportunities for our non-profit members to meet other groups doing similar work in Napa County.
2- Share & Promote yourself and your business in a number of great ways through your membership. First, let us know about your accomplishments, events and gatherings. We are great at spreading the word and using social media! Second, utilize the Creative Directory by creating an online profile and uploading photos of your work. By doing this, you give hundreds of individuals and businesses access and exposure to you and your work!
3- Learn. Part of our work at ACNV is to keep a finger on the pulse of what is happening in the arts world. Through our monthly Insider newsletter, you can learn about local and national trends in the arts and stay up to speed on upcoming arts events and marketing opportunities. Simply put, it’s worth the read.
4- Support. By checking our website and reading our monthly newsletters, you can find out about funding and granting opportunities for artists and non-profit organizations working in the arts. In addition, ACNV itself periodically offers grants, which support arts education programs.
5- Create more art, music and multi-media experiences to build your portfolio, then let us help you make the most out of it!!