November 22 VAPA SOM

Napa Educators Recognize Arts Students for Excellence Qualifying them for ACNVEA Scholarships

The Arts Council Napa Valley Education Alliance (ACNVEA) is privileged to award the following teachers and students. Twelve students are recognized as November’s Visual and Performing Arts Student of the Month (SOM) winners. ACNVEA SOM annual awards initiative seeks nominees monthly, culminating in a scholarship ceremony at the end of the school year.

We are now accepting nominations for December and January ACNVEA SOM from the county’s visual and performing arts teachers from College, High School, Middle School, and Elementary levels. Please go to the Arts Council Napa Valley website for more information and to access the nomination form. Nominations are due by the 25th of every month.

Please visit our Facebook Page to see more images of our SOM’s work. If you’d like to support this year’s Student of the Year ceremony, please consider donating toward the event at our website: ArtsCouncilNapaValley.Org/Donations.

Here are November’s winners:

High School Level Winners

Band & Orchestra Award: Ramona Velazquez, Vintage High School, Senior

Teacher Brendan Galvin writes this about Ramona:

“Mona is a gifted musician, thoughtful intellect, and an understated creative. As the clarinet section leader she works gently, pushing her fellow clarinets to work harder mainly through setting the standard high with her excellent playing ability. Mona has a way of hearing every opinion in the room and finding the balance of each while offering up a creative solution or helpful insight. She is a trusted member of the program who is always punctual, prepared, and ready for the next level… It is difficult to set in words the impact that Mona has had in her four years at Vintage in the Instrumental Music Program.”

3D Art Award: Andrew (Andy) Goldie, Napa High School Senior

Teacher Melinda Miller writes this about Andy:“Andy wanted to express the action of dice in motion with mixed media and a play of cards to add drama. This was a kinetic sculpture assignment for my 3rd-year Ceramics students. I feel Andy developed a strong feel of movement with an interesting display gaming.

Choir Award: Sophia Parmigiani, American Canyon High School Senior

Teacher Jamie Butler writes this about Sophia:

Sophia is one of the most talented and humble singers I have ever taught. Her quiet, steady leadership is seen and felt by everyone around her. She has had lead roles in ACHS theater productions, held many solos in the choir program, and is an incredible ambassador for ACHS in the Leadership class. Simply put, she is an outstanding human being, and I’m lucky to have been able to teach her for four years!”

Digital Art Award (TIE): Miles Mariano Ilasco, Oxbow School Junior

Teacher ​​Chris Thorson writes this about Miles:

“I am nominating Miles Mariano Ilasco for his digital project entitled WE ARE NOT THE SAME in which he celebrates his Filipino heritage. In his artist statement for this project Miles shares, ‘My family lives by the saying ‘They will recognize us’. Growing up Filipino was confusing. When I was in kindergarten, I didn’t know I was Filipino until I met another girl in another class who told me I was. I went around telling everyone I was Filipino, but nobody even knew what that was. After that moment, as I only grew older, I realized that there is little to no Filipino recognition in the world…’

He continues, “When I heard we had an assignment about activism, I knew I wanted to make it as personal as possible. The yellow beams in the background of the poster represent the Filipino star on our flag. The star on the flag has 8 rays and is a symbol for the fight for independence from Spanish rule. The image in the center is a photo of me. I used an image of myself because it’s a more powerful statement to put a photo of myself around town. For people to see my face but not know my name. Overall, I don’t need my poster to change the world but I want the community around to see me as who I am and others who are like me.”

Digital  Art Award (TIE): Samantha Sobelman, New Tech High School Junior

Teacher Lisa Gottfried writes this about Samantha:

“Sam takes every lesson as a personal challenge. She tries to find ways to really make the technique her own and always goes above and beyond on each assignment.  She is hoping to continue her studies in Graphic Design and perhaps pursue a career in the field. She shows great promise even as a beginner.  She has an eye for visual storytelling and uses color in innovative ways.”

Photography Award: Marayah Mendieta, Napa High School Senior

Teacher Karla Palmer writes this about Marayah:

“Marayah has a great eye for editing! She is always open to feedback and improving. Two of her photographs will be displayed at the Napa Library for the month of December for their student spotlight show.  Great work Marayah.”

Middle & Elementary Level Winners

Band & Orchestra Award: Jack Reb, Silverado Middle School, 8th Grade

Teacher Brian Beggs writes this about Jack:

Jack is in his third year of band at Silverado Middle School. Jack has shown consistent growth in his musicianship and playing skills over his time at Silverado. In addition to being a great musician, Jack leads by example and has a positive attitude. Jack is always willing to help out other students and is always a positive presence in the band class.

Digital Award: Koby Lehnecke, Redwood Middle School 8th Grade

Teacher Andrew Winegarner writes this about Koby:

“Koby has done some good work this school year. Please, refer to the coloring he did on his Digital Shell Shading assignment, using”

Visual Award: Yesenia Martinez Saucedo, Silverado Middle School 8th Grade

Teacher Julia Zmed  writes this about Yesenia:

“Yesenia has grown as an artist and person in leaps and bounds since I met her in 6th grade.  She has a clear sense of identity, artistic vision, and an amazing set of artistic skills.  Her ability to draw figurative works continues to amaze me, while her nonstop work ethic is humbling. I couldn’t be prouder of Yesenia!”

Visual Arts Award (TIE): Smriti Pakhrin, Phillips Magnet Elementary, 5th Grade

Teacher Lisa Fry writes this about Smriti:

“Smriti put a lot of time and thought into her design.  She used a variety of colors to make her apple doodle art pop.  She incorporated several of the doodle art patterns within her art.”

Visual Arts Award (TIE): Emanuel Abanto Huaman, Phillips Magnet Elementary,  5th Grade

Teacher Jennifer Veveiros writes this about Emanuel:Emanuel should be recognized as the Art Student of the Month because he is an amazing artist, and did so well with the oil pastels on black construction paper. He layered colors very skillfully and even added shading and accenting the light glare on his fruit to make it look realistic. This shows his uniqueness and how he wants to put his own artistic touches on his masterpiece!”

Visual Arts Award (TIE): Valentina Rueda, Phillips Magnet Elementary,  1st Grade

Teacher Paula Sotiras writes this about Valentina:

“Valentina, a first grader, created a beautiful work of art by studying straight lines and curves, and then using sharpie markers and bleeding colored tissue paper to apply color.”