October 2022 VAPA Students of the Month

Napa Educators Recognize Arts Students for Excellence Qualifying them for ACNVEA Scholarships

The Arts Council Napa Valley Education Alliance (ACNVEA) is privileged to award the following teachers and students. Eighteen students are recognized as October’s Visual and Performing Arts Student of the Month (SOM) winners. ACNVEA SOM annual awards initiative seeks nominees monthly, culminating in a scholarship ceremony at the end of the school year.

Last year, almost 100 students were honored with the ACNV VAPA Student of the Month award, while 20 went on to win special recognition. $10,00 in scholarships were awarded and divided to these students in five different categories– Performing Arts Student of the Year,  Visual Arts Student of the Year, Highschool distinction (Band, Vocal, Theater, Digital, Film, Studio), Middle School Distinction (Band, Studio, Digital), and Elementary Distinction.

We are now accepting nominations for November ACNVEA SOM from College, High School, Middle School, and Elementary level from the county’s visual and performing arts teachers. Please go to the Arts Council Napa Valley website for more information and to access the nomination form. Nominations are due by the 25th of every month.

Please visit our Facebook Page to see more images of our SOM’s work. If you’d like to support this year’s Student of the Year ceremony, please consider donating toward the event at our website: ArtsCouncilNV.Org/Donations.

Here are October’s winners:

High School Level Winners

Theater Art: Lillie Pace, ACHS Senior

Teacher Summer Heartt writes this about Lillie:

“Since her freshman year, Lillie has demonstrated curiosity, commitment, and passion for theatre and the performing arts. Lillie is a 4th-year Drama student who has taken Drama 2 and Advanced Drama and is now a Student Tutor for Drama 2 and the Thespian Society Co-President. Since day one in drama, Lillie has been a standout talent. Lillie has shown incredible capacity as a performer and design collaborator.”

Digital Art (TIE): Melissa Missy Honrade, ACHS Senior

Teacher Stephen Pult-Vega writes this about Melissa:

Missy is extremely responsible, respectful, and conscientious about her artwork. Her artwork is excellent, and her attitude outstanding. She displays a positive “can do” attitude and has a great passion for success in any and all tasks. She is friendly, helpful, and caring towards others’ success which makes for a great future artist mentor.“

Digital Art (TIE): Giovanni Ramirez Meza NTHS Junior

Teacher Lisa Gottfried writes this about Giovanni :

“Giovanni is one of those quiet but incredibly competent students.  He takes great care with his work and pushes himself to apply the classroom lessons in new ways. He volunteers for leadership roles in the classroom… This kid is a graphic designer in the making. The community partners we have worked with this year are so excited to see the work that he has put together. “

Studio Art (TIE): Karley Martin, Oxbow Senior

Chris Thorton, Dean of Studio Arts, writes this about Karley:

“Karley Martin joined The Oxbow School community this fall and has shown exemplary talent in her artistic executions, seeks out feedback, and has shown much personal growth in her few months on campus. She works hard at exploring the different disciplines at Oxbow and has advanced in her recent oil paintings. Karley is truly passionate about oil painting and portraiture. She is a methodical painter who challenges herself with each new piece.”

Studio Art (TIE): Giorgio Baldini, JSHS Junior

Teacher Aleta Andrews writes this about Giorgio:

“Giorgio genuinely enjoys making art and goes above and beyond on every assignment. As an art teacher, this is just so refreshing– to have a student that really wants to improve on their skills and thoroughly enjoys the process from start to finish. He was nominated last year for the National Art Honor Society council, where he became Secretary of the group. It’s truly been an honor to watch him grow in the two short years that I have known him.”

Studio Art (TIE): Maeve Reinsimar, VHS Freshman

Teacher Crystal Clark writes this about Maeve:

Maeve is a rare find. [As] a freshman in my Art 2 class, she dives right into each project with enthusiasm and grace. Everything she creates is completed with care and attention to detail. She is creative and a very skilled young artist; from her gorgeous sketchbook pages to her finished (more polished) works, an equal amount of effort and attention goes into the work. In addition to being a fantastic young artist, she always has a positive attitude and is an inspiration to everyone around her.”

Studio Art (TIE): Aldo Medina, NHS Junior

Teacher Kristi Crickmore writes this about Aldo:

“[Aldo is] working and dedicated to creating beautiful work.”

Dance: Rylee Land, NHS Senior

Teacher Hollie Johnson  writes this about Rylee:

“Rylee Land has been in the dance department and on the Spiritleader and Salsa teams. She is currently a dance officer, where she mentors a beginner dance class. She was selected as a dance captain of the Spiritleader Gold team. She is talented, positive, kind, and a great leader!”

Band & Orchestra: Josiah Ramelo, ACHS Junior

Teacher Brendan Day writes this about:

Josiah has a curiosity and desire to explore different instruments and styles of music to as much depth as he can. He plays drumset in our jazz band, french horn in our wind ensemble, and the mellophone in the marching band and has been learning the saxophone at home on his own. Josiah is also a mentor and leader to many of his peers.” 

Choir: Noah Goldman, NHS Senior

Teacher Duncan Cooper writes this about:

“Noah Goldman has been integral to the massive culture shift that has occurred in the Napa High Vocal Music Program over his four years in High School. Noah embodies the spirit of a safe and understanding community while still maintaining rigorous musical expectations. Noah is always ready to lend a hand to his peers, teaching them their parts or helping them with understanding music theory. Noah played the lead (Seymour) in “Little Shop of Horrors” last year, and will once again be playing the lead in this year’s musical: “Be More Chill”; all while participating in 4 choral ensembles at the school. Additionally, Noah is acting as our choir president this school year. No other student embodies the mission of Napa High Choir as accurately as Noah Goldman.“

Photography: James Maldonado Grijalva, NHS Senior

Teacher ​​Karla Palmer writes this about:

“James has a great eye and always turns his work in on time. He has won 2 local photo contests and is very creative.”

Middle & Elementary Level Winners

Digital Art: Aspen Greenberg, RMS 8th grader

Teacher Andrew Winegarner writes this about:

“Aspen is an all-around great student; studious, polite, and a great artist.”

Studio Art: Kara Weakley, SMS 8th

Teacher Julia Zmed writes this about Kara:

Kara welcomes a challenge.  They will take a simple, straightforward assignment, then transmute it into something that pushes them out of their comfort zone.  Their drawing skills are developing leaps and bounds with every new work of art completed.  I couldn’t be prouder!”

Theater Art: Luis Gonzalez, ACMS 7th

Teacher Sarah Grant writes this about Luis:

“This student has been a leader and amazingly helpful when it comes to building the set for our show. He has given up his lunch period to help finish his task for the day. He is asking questions, helping other teams, and taking on extra work. I am excited to see his growth this year for Technical Theater.”

Band & Orchestra: Secondo Monticelli, SMS 8th

Teacher Brian Beggs writes this about Secondo:

“Secondo has been in Orchestra at SMS all three years of middle school.  He is a great musician and is also this year’s SMS Performing Arts ASB Treasurer.  Secondo also participates in NVYSO Sinfonia.  Secondo is a positive person and supportive of his fellow classmates.”

Studio Art (TIE): Isaac Mendoza Robles, Phillips 5th Grade

Teacher Jennifer Veveiros writes this about Valeria:

“Isaac should be recognized as an Art Student of the Month because he is such a talented and amazing creator. He really took this project and made it his own. Instead of copying the sample in our art unit, he decided to create his own shapes of the birds and fruit so he could have a unique composition. His great use of oil pastels shows how he can layer colors and blend them. They really POP on the black construction paper!”

Studio Art (TIE): Valeria Ramirez, Phillips 1st Grade

Teacher Paula Sotiras writes this about Valeria:

 “This first grader created a beautiful work of art by studying straight lines and curves, then using sharpie markers and bleeding colored tissue paper to apply color.”

Studio Art (TIE): Isaiah Almodobar, Phillips 5th Grade

Teacher Lisa  Fry writes this about:

“We did a meet the masters’ art project and learned how to add texture to our painting project.  Isaiah did a great job showing the different textures in his hills, using the materials provided and through the choice of color.  He also added the “broccoli trees” to his painting and showed the different colors in the swirls.”