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Remembering Local Arts & Wine Train Hero, Doctor Alvin Lee Block

We are deeply saddened at yesterday's news of the loss of Dr. Block, a former ACNV board member.

We are deeply saddened at yesterday’s news of the loss of Dr. Alvin Lee Block, a former ACNV board member and Wine Train founder.  Lee was a great friend, advocate, visionary and generous leader – we send our best wishes to his family.

More about Dr. Block from the Napa Valley Register:

“Known affectionately as “Lee,” Block died on Thursday, May 8, after a seven-year battle with myelodysplasia syndrome – a type of cancer that affects the body’s bone marrow. He was 84 years old.”

“Dr. Block also was an arts supporter who was constantly looking at ways that we could increase the art presence in Napa. He felt art could contribute to the vibrancy of Napa – I would say he was right on.” – Mayor Jill Techel

To read more about Dr. Block and the wonderful accomplishments and life he led, visit: