VAPA Student of the Month

The Arts Council Napa Valley Education Alliance is pleased to announce its First Annual Arts Recognition & Scholarship Program, honoring exemplary students in all creative arts disciplines on a monthly basis and culminating with a Scholarship Awards Ceremony in the spring.

Visual & Performing Arts County Recognition 

~ VAPA Student of the month ~

The Arts Recognition Program 

It’s time for our art students to receive the recognition they deserve. Through your nomination, visual and performing art students are elevated to the status of our athletes and honor students by receiving Student of the Month status. Annual winners receive generous scholarships from ACNVEA & other partners. 

The How?

  • VAPA teachers at all schools (elementary–college) in the county will be asked to nominate one student a month using criteria on the ACNVEA VAPA Call for Nominees (Google form will be emailed monthly with deadline & reminders)
  • Nominations will be accepted on a rolling basis throughout the school year beginning in September and ending in April.  
  • All nominees will be eligible to win $1000, $500 educational scholarships and/or tuition stipends for summer arts programs offered throughout
  • Nominees will be reviewed by the Arts Council Advocacy Board. Winners will be chosen each month in the discipline of Visual Art and Performing Art
  • All nominees will receive a certificate. Monthly winners will be featured in social & print media and receive recognition at school board meetings. 
  • All winners and family members will be invited to attend Annual Scholarship Awards Ceremony in the Spring where a Student of the Year will be named in each discipline from the pool of monthly winners at each grade level.

The Why?

  • The Art Recognition program is meant to promote success in and out of the classroom.
  • This award is designed to nominate and select students who promote and take pride in their art and in themselves.
  • Art students and teachers DESERVE the same recognition as our athletes and honor society students. We need to promote what student artists do to garner the attention and support artists deserve
  • The certificates, plagues, scholarships will help our art students with future goals

Your Role

  • Watch for and respond to the Call for Nominees and Nomination Link each month 
  • Complete the nomination application. 
  • When possible, attend board meeting with your student winner
  • Join us for an evening in the spring when we Celebrate the Arts together, recognizing students AND our fabulous VAPA educators

Criteria for VAPA Student of the Month

To be nominated a student must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a student enrolled in a Napa County public or private school. (Homeschooled students are definitely included!)
  • Meet the age requirements for one of these categories:
    • Elementary School/Middle School (TK-8th grade)
    • High School/College (9th grade – 22years of age)
  • Exhibit outstanding artistry, personal growth, increased self-confidence or leadership through their work in the arts.
  • Be in good academic and behavioral standing.
  • Students cannot receive the monthly award more than once within a year.

Nominating Questions to Consider:

  • Is the student a positive role model?
  • Does the student go above and beyond his/her role as a student?
  • Has the student made significant progress in your classroom?
  • Has there been personal development, emotional growth and technical growth in their art journey?
  • Has their art connected or contributed to the community beyond the classroom setting?  
  • Does the student exemplify great citizenship and character?
  • For a student to be a well-respected citizen, they must be able to balance many different areas of life. They must exemplify outstanding characteristics both as a student, as an artist and as a citizen of the community. 

It’s time to get started!  

Please click here to begin the nomination process.  

When asked to write a narrative, please expound. We love a well-written nomination!  Your narrative will be appearing on the Student Recognition Certificate. The nomination form allows you to send support materials. We love to receive photos, music clips, and videos as supporting evidence that your student artist is one we absolutely must select! 

Please email your interest and questions to or