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Yountville Arts is pleased to announce the drive to fund the Yountville mural

We are gearing up to have you weigh in on the final design

 We heard the need to enhance the entrance to our town…

 We researched and vetted the project…

 We asked for your input on styles…

 We invited you to select just the right artists…

 We are gearing up to have you weigh in on the final design…(Community Meeting on July 14 at 6PM)

 Now, it is time to raise the funds needed to make it a reality!

Our amazing artists, Hennessey Christophel and Sofia Lacin of LC Studio Tutto are working on the design based on the survey completed by our residents. They will be presenting several options to us in July. We will then be turning to the public to choose the final design. Sofia and Hennessey are scheduled to begin painting in late September. Can you believe it? It is really going to happen and it is going to be beautiful.

The Town of Yountville, as determined by our supportive Town Council, have kicked off the fundraising by granting us $25,000 to get started. We also have two other significant pledges in the works. Our goal is $85,000 and we know we can get there! We are reaching out to our local businesses, residents and organizations to make this dream a reality. When completed, this will be a stunning work of fine art that will enhance the gateway to our Town for decades and frame the experience that is Yountville. Don’t you want to be a part of this?

Everyone has the ability to be a part of making this dream a reality. All levels of donations are welcome and each donor will receive thanks and recognition. For more information on sponsorship levels, please view the attached flier or log on to www.yountvillemural.com where you can donate online!

Please join us in making this groundbreaking project a reality!

Kimberly Cook
Arts Commission Chair


LC Studio Tutto is an art and design team composed of Sofia Lacin and Hennessy Christophel. The duo works collaboratively to create large-scale public art—infusing spaces with life and identity to encourage a connection between people and their environments. The team has collaborated with municipalities, architects, developers, and businesses, to translate feelings and ideas into works of site-specific visual art.

LC Studio Tutto has created over 70 murals, custom paintings, and interactive installations throughout California. With each project they work closely with the client to produce a piece of art that reflects its surroundings and resonates with the community.

Artists Sofia and Hennessy grew up in Sacramento, California. Sofia studied art and Italian at University of California, Davis and in Florence, Italy, with a focus on large scale, gestural abstract paintings. Hennessy studied art at University of California Santa Cruz, focusing on detailed illustration and bookmaking. As a team, they bring together their individual artistic strengths to create artwork that is rooted in abstract expression while furthering a defined narrative.

Lacin and Christophel design and work collaboratively from their Los Angeles and Bay Area studios, and fabricate artwork together on-location throughout California. Visit LCSTUDIOTUTTO.COM to learn more about our artists!

BEYOND A MURAL Yountville Underpass Fine Art Mural


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• Promotion (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

• Website Presence

• Email Blasts

• Press Releases

• Print Ad Recognition

• Placement on Art Plaque

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• Thank you on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

• Website Presence

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• Recognition at celebration event $5,000 + $1,000 to $4,999 $100 to $999 Show that you are an advocate for the arts by being a supporter of this groundbreaking art installation in the Heart of the Napa Valley. Join Yountville Arts in making this dream become a reality!

Donate today at www.yountvillemural.com or call (707) 948-2627

Charitable Notice: The Town may accept any gift made to or for the Town for any public purpose consistent with California Government Code Section 37354. If the gift does not limit the uses to which the property received or the income or increase from it may be put, it may be put to any uses the Town directs pursuant California Government Code Section 37355. Gifts to the Town are considered charitable contributions and are tax deductible, so long as the gift is for entirely public purposes. 26 U.S.C. § 170(c)(1). Please consult your tax advisor as to the tax consequences of your donation.