Colette Schow

Colette Schow has been playing violin for over 15 years with 14 years of private instruction, including private instruction from California Baptist University School of Music. Past instructors include Noemy Orellana-Wheeler, Concertmistress of Corona Symphony and Todor Pelev, Concertmaster of San Bernardino Symphony Orchestra.

Colette has experience in contemporary choir and orchestra settings (Principal Second in University Choir & Orchestra at California Baptist University, Gary Bonner Singers Orchestra); classical choir and orchestra settings (Principal Second in Choral Union at California Baptist University playing classical works including The Messiah, Mozart works, Bach works, and more); classical chamber music settings (Principal Second in String Ensemble at California Baptist University); classical orchestra settings (Corona Symphony, Mother Lode Friends of Music); and contemporary improvisation settings (Sandals Church, Riverside CA, working with bands, etc.)

Colette also has vast experience in music theory and some experience in arranging and composition.

Colette's experience in for hire settings are:

  • Weddings
  • Special Events
  • Church Special Events
  • Symphonies

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