Ralph de Amicis

Storytelling is a wonderful way to paint a picture of our world and illuminate the possibilities and pathways to a more creative and satisfying life. Working in cooperation with my wife Lahni, we use various methods to tell those stories; speeches, seminars, books, television and films. We produce several ongoing TV shows. The two most creative are 'Wine Country @ Work', which digs beneath the surface of this remarkable region and industry to reveal the art, effort and creativity that makes it bloom. Our emerging show is 'Feng Shui to the Rescue', which looks at the power of how we create and manage our intimate environments. My professional background as a painter, sculptor, designer and craftsman shapes my perspective, and interests, and I strive to make each speech, seminar and TV episode an engaging story and a visual exploration.  I hold a B.A. in Fine Arts from Thomas A. Edison University, and an M.A. in Sculpture and Environmental Art from New York University.  

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