Shelly Hanan

There’s an entire world not always visible to the eye, and my goal is to photograph it. My greatest inspiration is light; how it can both illuminate and hide objects from view. I share my vision to give my viewers a place of inspiration and rest. When I look over my photographs, if I get a feeling of déjà vu, or that I’m not really looking at a photograph I’ve taken, but an image I’ve dreamed about, I know I've captured something special.

I was given a Brownie Camera as a gift on my fifth birthday. That was it! I found my heart’s desire and have stayed true. I later received a Bachelor of Arts degree at Humboldt State University in California and took several graduate-level photography seminars. I also earned my K-12 teaching certificate in art education. For the last two years, I've exhibited at Select Fair during Art Basel and Frieze New York with Starry Night Programs. I was the program’s artist-in-residence at its New Mexico retreat for two weeks, where I delighted in having to do nothing but create art every day. I am extremely fortunate to live in Napa, California where I am constantly inspired by the calm beauty that surrounds me.

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