The EdTA Model Curriculum Framework Project

National | Apply by March 15th, 2018


The EdTA Model Curriculum Framework Project is a year-long pilot in which 10 two-member teams of secondary classroom theatre educators and teaching artists will work with mentors to create a standards-based curriculum framework and embedded instructional units based on the 2014 National Theatre Standards.

Selected project members will collaborate in the building of a model curriculum framework, with the goal of expanding instructional practice for both teachers and teaching artists. Teams will collaborate on a chosen aspect of theatre and write units of study with embedded assessments, which are aligned with the model curriculum framework, using the National Theatre Model Cornerstone Assessment format. The teams will then pilot these units of study, collecting evidence of student learning. The teams will exchange the collected work samples and their MCAs with other teams who will "benchmark" it and decide which students' samples are at or above standard examples. The chosen benchmarked work will be posted and make available, along with the Model Curriculum Framework, on the EdTA website to serve as foundation for theatre educator and teaching artist professional development and, ultimately, to help more students achieve artistic literacy in theatre through a well-defined curriculum driven by a clear set of standards.

Applicants are urged to consider their ability to work in a two-member team and how their specialized skills, strengths and perspectives can help to define what is worth teaching in theatre and how learning in it can be measured.

Selected teacher applicants will receive a $1,000 stipend; teaching artists will receive a $50 per hour stipend or $150 a day for up to 10 days.

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