Creative Capacity Fund's NextGen Arts Professional Development Grants (monthly deadline)

National | Continuous Grant Opportunity

The NextGen Arts Professional Development Grant Program provides professional development funding to emerging arts leaders in California to enroll in workshops, attend conferences, to work with consultants or coaches, or pursue alternative career enrichment activities in order to enhance the administrative skills and program experience needed to lead the nonprofit arts sector of tomorrow.

Individual nonprofit arts administrators between the ages of 18-35 may be eligible to receive up to $1,000 for activities that support career enrichment for California’s emerging arts leaders.

Eligible applicants must: 

  • Be between the ages of 18-35; 
  • Have worked for less than 10 consecutive years in the arts field. Please note that by consecutive years, we mean less than 10 years back to back. Working refers to being paid to work in the arts field and/or serving as a board member of an arts organization. Working does not include volunteer work; 
  • Currently work with a nonprofit organization in California as an administrator, artist, or board member. Please note that artists who work with an organization must demonstrate a consistent, long-term working relationship with the organization through which they are applying since that organization will be responsible for processing the applicant's grant payment if awarded; 
  • Be registered online as a member of the Creative Capacity Fund's NextGen Arts cohort. You are registered in the NextGen Arts cohort if you completed the online NextGen Arts survey. 
  • Previous grantees who received NextGen awards one year ago or more at the time of their second application. 

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