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San Francisco Opera Guild, a non-profit organization that has specialized in arts education programs in the Bay Area for over 75 years, seeks experienced Teaching Artists to teach on a per project basis in its Book to Bravo! program. The program takes place at schools in various communities across the Bay Area.
San Francisco Opera Guild believes that the life lessons drawn from creative expression are the foundation of confidence and integrity. The Guild provides award-winning K-12 education programs and engaging community outreach programs, furthering its mission is to give voice to potential and extend the impact of opera by bringing it center stage into the life of the community. San Francisco Opera Guild is an organization independent from San Francisco Opera and operates in close collaboration with it. All inquiries should be sent to San Francisco Opera Guild as instructed below, not San Francisco Opera.
Book to Bravo! is a twelve-week classroom residency program in which two Teaching Artists (a Dramatist/Director and Composition Coach/Music Director) work with a class of students and their teacher in the creation of an original musical adaptation of a book or story, which students then design, rehearse, and perform.
Residencies take place at a school site and normally consist of a pre-program planning session with the teacher, ten 90-minute class sessions scheduled once-weekly, a performance, and a 45-minute follow-up class session. This will generally require a period of about 12-14 weeks. Preparation and planning time outside of the school sessions is also required.
• Excellent written and verbal communication, with meticulous attention to detail.
• Skills in planning and implementing lessons.
• Experience working with and coaching students at the elementary and middle school levels. Experience managing large groups is a plus.
• Experience in theatre and/or music. Specific knowledge of opera is desireable but not required.
• Ability to work cooperatively in the context of team teaching.
• Ability to travel to school sites for weekly sessions.
Examples of Responsibilities
• In coordination with the Dramatist/Director, planning lessons and activities for each class (the Guild provides a curriculum guide and other support with this process).
• Leading exercises with students to introduce vocal technique and musical concepts.
• Coaching students in the song writing process, including teaching basic composition and theory.
• Editing, expanding, and adding accompaniment to student-generated lyrics and songs for inclusion in the final production.
• Creating lead sheets for distribution to students.
• Acting as music director through the rehearsal process.
• Providing piano accompaniment for songs during rehearsal and performance.
• Collaborating with the Dramatist/Director on other aspects of the residency as needed.
Additional Requirements 
• Adequate piano skills to accompany students in rehearsal and performance. 
• Understanding of vocal technique and music theory. 
• Ability to write, harmonize, and accompany simple songs. 
Examples of Responsibilities
• In coordination with the Composition Coach/Music Director, planning lessons and activities for each class (the Guild provides a curriculum guide and other support with this process).
• Leading exercises with students to introduce dramatic concepts such as scene structure, characterization, dialogue and lyric writing.
• Coaching students in script and lyric writing, distilling student ideas into a workable, coherent form.
• Teaching and coaching students in acting skills. 
• Editing and creating final finished script/libretto.
• Coordinating student production teams in the acquiring and creating of props, costumes, and sets.
• Staging the performance and acting as director through the rehearsal process.
• Collaborating with the Composition Coach/Music Director on other aspects of the residency as needed.
Additional Requirements
• Ability to write in dramatic form including dialogue and song lyrics. 
• Understanding of and ability to teach basic acting technique. 
• Experience staging a dramatic performance and leading rehearsals.
Please email your resume and a cover letter to with BOOK TO BRAVO! TEACHING ARTIST as the subject line.
Qualified applicants with arrest and conviction records will be considered for this position in accordance with the San Francisco Fair Chance Ordinance.

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