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Announcing Arts Council Napa Valley New Strategic Plan

Dec. 13, 2018 | Arts Council Napa Valley


We are proud to share that our board of directors recently adopted a new Strategic Plan that will be our roadmap for the next three years and will help us better fulfill our mission to provide leadership that unites, supports and enhances our exceptional arts and culture community. The driving purpose throughout of our new goals is to improve equitable access to our services and expand our outreach; our first priority is to serve you and everyone in Napa Valley’s vast and diverse arts community.

Our three year plan is based on the following four goals:

1.“Champion and position engagement in arts and culture to enhance quality of life for all residents.”
2. “Empower the arts community to build their own successful creative endeavors to foster a vital arts scene and enrich the local environment”
3. "Ensure that the Arts Council’s work is reflective of Napa County’s diverse population, embodying our value that self-expression is everyone’s birthright”
4. “Sustain excellence in mission-driven programs and services to ensure the future of a culturally thriving community”

If you'd like to know more about our Strategic Plan and these goals, click here to read our Strategic Plan. 

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