Artizenship, Part 8: April is the Rulest Month

Mar. 26, 2015 | Jeremy Benson

Guys. Guys. Guys! Are you ready? Have you made the Arts in April list of events your homepage yet? Have you copied its engagements to your calendar? Have you mapped out, have you road-tested how you’re going to get from a gallery opening in Calistoga, 4-6PM, to a studio talk in American Canyon, starting promptly at 6:30? Have you inventoried and refilled your Art Appreciation Kit with extra.  Govinos and black berets? Have you been practicing your thoughtful hums and intelligent chin-stroking? There are things I’m looking forward to: all the live music at Slack the first weekend, a walk through the “ruins”, celebrating Earth Day at Connolly Ranch. But mostly I’m excited for Napa to prove its colors are more than white and red and rose.

Where will I run into you this month?

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