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City of Napa to Adopt a Public Art Master Plan

Jun. 03, 2014 | Olivia Everett

The first Public Art Master Plan in the County of Napa.

After two years of planning, the Napa City Council is scheduled to adopt its new Public Art Master Plan at their 3:30pm meeting on June 3, 2014!  This is a much anticipated next step for the city as it continues to build the presence of arts through planning and development.  This has been made possible through the dedication of the Public Art Steering Committee (PASC); members Nancy Brennan, Michael Kelly, Loren Rehbock, Stephen Whisler, and Kristina Young; City’s Community Development Director Rick Tooker; Planning Manager Ken MacNab; and public art consultant Chandra Cerrito.

The original Percent for the Arts Ordinance, which defines “public art” and regulations for its use in the municipal code, was adopted in April 2010.  The new Master Plan lays a vision and goals for public art in the City of Napa, acting as a guideline for city staff, commissions, and council.  I encourage all arts advocates to take a few minutes to look over the plan and accompanying staff report for information on the proposed goals and policies for public art.

While this adoption sets a new precedent for municipal support of arts in the county, outlining numerous desired locations for new art works, there are a few elements which remain in need of further consideration as noted by the PASC and outlined in the staff report. This includes development of policies and funding for temporary art works such as the Napa ARTwalk and potential non-traditional programs like video-art installations, seasonal projects, and funds for management/maintenance of the City’s programs.  ACNV will be encouraging City Council to address these important next steps and continue to develop arts forward planning, along with the PASC.  

If you would like to get involved and learn more about the process, I encourage interested community members to attend meetings of the Public Art Steering Committee who serve as advisors and/or relevant city council meetings.  To join the PASC email list and receive meeting notifications, contact Commission Liaison - Shuree Hansen, Community Development Department, 707-257-9360.

For information about the proposed Master Plan, please see the City Council's agenda item 11.


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