Highlights of Napa County Poet Laureate, Beclee Wilson

Jul. 17, 2017 | Arts Council Napa Valley

Beclee Newcomer Wilson is currently Poet Laureate of Napa Valley. Her latest book is Reflections, a collection that poet Gary Silva states" is delightful and profound. The poems are clear and crisp, showing the insights of a polished mind." In her previous book entitled Winter Fruit, "Beclee Wilson composes a moving suite of elegiac poems attuned to empty spaces, to love, to the passage of time, and to what endures" reviews poet Arthur Sze. She has published Woman in Bits and Pieces and Tassajara WInd as well. 

She combines the art of poetry with the skill of communication. She earned a degree in speech and drama at Northwestern University followed by an MA in speech from the University of Michigan and a PhD in rhetoric from the University of Minnesota. But her life as a poet and dramatist began at the age of six in the Children's Experimental Theatre in Baltimore.

She and her husband live on a small vineyard in Napa Valley where both are writers and teachers. Beclee teaches a special poetry unit to elementary students and was recently awarded a grant to develop a special program of art in the schools combining photography and poetry. 

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