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Napa Valley Opera House - Items Available!

Apr. 10, 2018 | Arts Council Napa Valley

The Napa Valley Opera House has cleaned out their storage and found some great items that a nonprofit who does events or fundraising may find useful!

They are looking for a donation to the Opera House of whatever you feel is appropriate in exchange. 

Here is a list of the available items:

For photos, click here

Spiegelau Wine Glasses – 18 boxes – 6 per box

Frosted square votive vases  6 boxes – 6 per box

Decanters – 4 boxes – 2 per box

Large round vases – 15 total

Small round vases – many

Votive candles – 3 boxes

2 File Cabinets – White metal – 4 drawer (no pic)

GoVino tasters – 3 boxes

2 wood filing cabinets (pic) 3x2 4 drawer

Plastic Display Frames – many

Clear plastic clipboards – many


Contact Pam Simpson - 707-333-2335 for more information.

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