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Twenty Thirteen Open Letter

Jan. 03, 2014 | Olivia Everett

“Whether we are aware of it or not, ‘culture’ affects every aspect of our daily lives. From the language we speak, the books we read, to the visual arts, music, dance, and the food we create and enjoy. But even more profoundly, culture is what we do, think and feel. As a noun, culture is described as the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively.” - Lori McNee,

Dear Arts Council Napa Valley Supporter,

I am writing to thank you for advancing creativity, critical thinking, and access to new experiences through the arts in Napa County! Over the years you have contributed to bringing these benefits to Napa County by being an active community member who has donated, sponsored, attended an event, or joined as a member of Arts Council Napa Valley. Before asking for your further consideration, I wanted to share some of the impacts of your contributions and the progress we have made in our local culture in the past year.

Through your support in 2012-2013, you provided 13 public schools reaching 2,662 students with grants of $500 - 2,500 to enhance learning programs through the new Arts in Schools Fund; you launched the new cultural guide to Napa Valley, sharing our cultural story with the world (; you showcased over 31 unique events throughout the county during Arts in April; and, you brought 29 new art works to enliven our public spaces in Downtown Napa with new rounds of Art on F1rst ( and Napa ARTwalk ( And these are just the highlights!

This year I hope you will continue to work with us at Arts Council Napa Valley by making a personally meaningful gift, whether $15, $25, $50, $100 or more, toward our goal of $20,000 by June 30, 2014. Private donations provide nearly 10% of our annual budget and are a vital resource in our work. (Follow our progress at Of course, gifts in any amount are always welcome!  

It thrills me each day to reflect on the foundation that we are building together through Napa Valley’s arts. We are a small community with a global spotlight – celebrating our unique culture brings us together and inspires people throughout the world.


Olivia Everett, President & CEO

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