Copyrights in the Fashion Business? It All Depends…

CA Lawyers for the Arts | Wells Fargo Building 2140 Shattuck Avenue Berkeley, CA 94704 | November 15th, 2017

Wed. Nov 15, 2017 7:00pm - 8:30pm PST

What is copyrightable in the fashion industry is confusing. Clothing, like pants and dresses, aren’t copyrightable, but certain features of clothing, like the print on fabric, might be. Watches likewise aren’t copyrightable, but jewelry is. So where’s the line? This workshop will address the issues of what is and is not copyrightable in the fashion industry, and will touch on these topics:

Copyright Basics:
* What copyrights protect
* When copyrights are created
* Copyright registration, notice and duration

What Is and Is Not Copyrightable in the Fashion Business
* Clothing Designs
* Fabric designs & textiles
* Appliques & surface designs
* Belts, buckles, shoes, watches & handbags
* Jewelry
* Patterns and tech-packs
* Color

Other Aspects of Copyright Protection in the Fashion Business
* Photographs
* Websites
* Advertising materials
* Logos

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