Community Cultural Plan

In partnership with the Napa Valley Community Foundation, Arts Council Napa Valley launched the Napa County Community Cultural Plan in 2008. The Plan, crafted entirely from community input, provides a vision and framework for a healthy, diverse, and vibrant Napa Valley arts sector for years to come. Click here for list of participants in developing the Cultural Plan.

A cultural plan is a series of strategic recommendations that can help strengthen the arts and culture sector in a community. It is a "road map" for the arts, created by and for the community through a transparent and engaging process that also serves to educate and "animate" the community about the arts. Cultural planning looks at how we can deliver quality arts experiences to residents and visitors, and makes sure we avoid duplication and that we are investing in a way that is strategic and meets the needs of the community, now and in the future.

Core Values

  1. We believe that self-expression is everyone's birthright.
  2. We believe the arts can serve as a common language.
  3. We believe the arts are critical to a healthy economy.
  4. We believe the arts allow us access to our past, to ourselves, and to each other.
  5. We believe the arts give us a sense of place, and a home.

Vision Statement

  1. Public Policy: Integrated public funding and policies that promote, support and sustain the arts in Napa County.
  2. Facilities: Creative, adaptive re-use of existing spaces to support artistic and cultural activities.
  3. Marketing: An inclusive and innovative cooperative plan that makes the arts accessible and compelling to everyone.
  4. Youth in Our Community: To be embraced, inspired, challenged, fulfilled and stimulated in an inclusive setting.
  5. Funding: Balanced and generous contributions from and cooperative partnerships with private and public sectors.
  6. ACNV: Advocates for and promotes Napa Valley arts.

Vision Statement

  1. Build Effective Awareness of the Arts: The intent of this strategic direction is to build a larger audience for the arts by engaging the local community, strengthening partnerships and leveraging resources within the arts sector and between our cities, and realizing the potential impact of cultural tourism.
  2. Ensure Inclusion: The intent of this strategic direction is to ensure that Napa County's population and its diverse cultural traditions are reflected in our arts community, and to make local arts accessible to all.
  3. Establish Effective Arts Public Policies: The intent of this strategic direction is to create public policies that support, expand, and nurture local arts.
  4. Maximize and Mine Arts Resources: The intent of this strategic direction is to match available spaces to arts needs and create mutually beneficial partnerships between businesses and the arts.
Read the official Napa County Community Cultural Plan

Arts Education Master Plan

Napa Valley Unified School District | Arts Council Napa Valley Education Alliance

Arts Education Master Plan

April 2016

The Arts Education Master Plan (AEMP) is a five-year, visual and performing arts initiative to provide opportunity, access and equity to all students, TK-12. The AEMP is the framework for this transformational public school district and private community partnership to continue collaboration with the design and support of an expanded sequential and standards-based, TK-12 curriculum in the disciplines of instrumental music, choral music, visual arts, theatre, dance and media arts. All instruction will be supported by relevant professional development and monitored by eff ective assessments and evaluations. The AEMP is in alignment with, and supports, the Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP).


 Arts Council Napa Valley Education Alliance (ACNVEA) is a coalition of educators, teaching artists, arts executives, funders and philanthropists, as well as community member advocates. In partnership, these individuals and organizations are working collaboratively on an initiative to support and build a new sustainable model for arts education in our schools. Alliance members share a belief that both visual and performing arts are essential to a comprehensive education for every child in Napa County.

A collective of Festival Napa Valley, Arts Council Napa Valley, Napa Valley Education Foundation and a contribution from Notes for Education pledged a commitment of $150,000.00, over three years to collaboratively fund the Visual & Performing Arts Coordinator to a full-time position. Beginning in July 2016, this funding commitment will ensure an allied partnership with the intent to appoint the most qualified candidate. During the 2014-2015 academic year, the NVUSD Board of Education reviewed and approved a part-time TOSA, to preserve elementary music, as part of the Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP). The AEMP frames the collective ideation into an actionable initiative that will have resounding impact during the five-year implementation and beyond.

A presentation to the NVUSD Board of Education on May 5, 2016 will showcase the culmination of a five-month visioning and building process that produced the AEMP. Key components of the master plan will describe projected annual outcomes supported by various divisions of the NVUSD and the ACNVEA. The NVUSD Board of Education will complete a final review, contribute commentary and put to a vote for the approval of the AEMP implementation slated for June 2, 2016. Upon approval by the NVUSD Board of Education, the AEMP will officially launch on June 3, 2016 and be fully implemented and sustainable by July 31, 2021.

Launch & Preliminary 90 Days 

Appoint Qualified, Full-Time VAPA Coordinator (I)  With roles and responsibilities defined - a qualified candidate will be appointed as the full-time VAPA Coordinator and announced by the NVUSD and the ACNVEA to the community at a time determined by the NVUSD Superintendent. The ACNVEA Coordinator will align community stakeholders, arts partners, funders and other members of the Alliance for the launch of the initiative. In allegiance with the NVUSD Superintendent’s Cabinet, Board of Education members, other NVUSD leadership and departments, Arts Council Napa Valley and Festival Napa Valley, a formal announcement of the AEMP implementation and partnership will be presented to the press, and, at each respective stakeholder board meeting and numerous gala events throughout Napa Valley.

Read the full Arts Education Master Plan


Napa County Alliance for Arts Education Assessment Framework

The Napa County Alliance for Arts Education exists to strengthen community support for the arts as essential to a comprehensive education for every child in Napa County public schools with the goal of developing a Countywide Plan to advocate, network, and support arts education in Napa County.

In December of 2013, more than 50 Napa County educators, arts organizations, nonprofits, and community leaders met at an early morning breakfast togarner support for arts education in Napa County schools launching the Napa County Alliance for Arts Education.

A Leadership Team was created to focus on identifying priority strategic goals. The process, with goals at each stage, will identify assets and strengths and gaps and needs of arts education countywide.

The necessity for assessment rose as precedence in moving forward for impactful advocacy and planning of arts education. A Steering Committee was tasked with developing guidelines and drafting the framework for assessment (Phase 1 Research). The framework and preliminary research (Phase 1 Assessment) has been the catalyst for pertinent research. The formation of four subcommittees for each assessment area developed methodology with comprehensive surveys within the established timeline. Furthermore, subcommittees, with the support of the Steering Committee, have researched, assimilate, and reported to the LT in February 2015, with Task Teams formed for more in‐depth research of data.

Four areas identified for assessment in Napa County:

1) Napa County School Districts - survey the culture of arts education and offerings and curriculum within each of the five school districts and at individual schools

2) Art Community Stakeholders ‐ inquiry an overview of missions, current scope of work, and roles in support and understanding of school curriculum

3) Community – gain an understanding of who the local non ‐ arts affiliated residents, businesses, and neighborhood groups are and their perspective of

arts education in schools

4) Funders of Arts and Education – research the mission and goals of local arts funders and identify successes as well as their challenges


Read the full Phase 1 Assessment

Economic Impact Report

The Economic Impact of the Nonprofit Arts and Culture Industry in Napa County, CA

Arts & Economic Prosperity III provides compelling new evidence that the nonprofit arts and culture are a significant industry in Napa County—one that generates $32.6 million in local economic activity. This spending–$17.4 million by nonprofit arts and culture organizations , $13.4 million in event-related spending by their audiences, and an additional $1.8 million by individual artists—supports 966 full-time equivalent jobs, generates $17.3 million in household income to local residents, and delivers $3.6 million in local and state government revenue. This economic impact study sends a strong signal that when we support the arts, we not only enhance our quality of life, but we also invest in Napa County’s economic well-being.

Read the full Economic Impact Report of Napa County

Wandering Rose Ordinance Review

Wandering Rose Ordinance Review 2009

A review of existing Napa City and County ordinances relating to arts, culture and entertainment.


Often residents and producers of art events cite City Code and County Ordinances as a hindrance to the development, sustainability and vibrancy of an arts and culture movement in Napa. We conducted this review because we believe that the opportunity for individuals to create and experience a diversity of voices through local arts and culture is imperative to the unity and health of a community. Such artistic and cultural diversity also appeals to visitors. The purpose of this report is to educate the community about the local legal standing of arts so that we may understand the current boundaries and make suggestions for revision. It is our purpose to show not only how these ordinances are written and intended to be used, but equally importantly, how they have actually been enforced and how the community perceives the regulations’ impacts on the local culture.

Read the full Ordinance Review

Sota 2015 Packet

The first annual State of the Arts meeting hosted by Arts Council Napa Valley took place on February 17th, 2015. A wide variety of topics were discussed from understanding local demographics and the economic landscape to guest presentations by the Napa County Alliance for Arts Education, Visit Napa Valley, and the 2015 Napa Valley Arts in April Producer.

Download the full packet , including presentation slidesand key documents.

Sota 2016 Packet

Arts Council Napa Valley hosted the second annual countywide State of the Arts meeting on May 31, 2016. A wide variety of topics were discussed from a panel discussion on the new Arts Education Master Plan to advocacy discussions and updates from ACNV.

Download the full packet , including presentation slides and key documents.

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