Andy’s Unity Park public art installations

County of Sonoma Regional Parks | Sonoma, CA | Apply by November 17th, 2017

Application deadline
Applications must be received at the Sonoma County Regional Parks office no later than
2:00pm on November 17, 2017. Digital and/or hardcopy submissions will be accepted. Format
for submissions shall be 8.5 x 11 and contain a maximum of twenty (20) single sided pages
including the application form.

Submit completed application packets to:
Regional Parks Art Opportunity
2300 County Center Drive #120A
Santa Rosa, CA 95403

This opportunity is open to individual artists and/or teams of artists residing and practicing in
Northern California. Artists working in a variety of permanent, durable, outdoor media are
encouraged to apply.

Description of Project: Andy’s Unity Park public art installations
This opportunity is for three (3) small‐scale, public art installations located at a new park
currently under construction in the Moorland neighborhood of Southwest Santa Rosa. Sonoma
County Regional Parks is pleased to partner with the Sonoma County Regional Parks Foundation
in offering this opportunity. Construction of Andy’s Unity Park began in June 2017 and is
projected to be completed by February 2018. The 4‐acre park will include a variety of features
such as a community kiosk and plaza, play area, memorial area for Andy Lopez, skate spot and
teen zone, off‐leash dog area, community garden, picnic areas, a restroom, and open lawn
areas. The park site is comprised of a 1‐acre site (which contains the memorial area for Andy
Lopez, among other features), and a 3‐acre parcel separated by Horizon Way.
Please note that artists are encouraged to submit proposals for one (1), two (2), or all three (3)
of the art pieces described below.

The park was designed and named through an extensive community participation process. The
name of the park reflects the community desire to honor the neighborhood youth, Andy Lopez
who was tragically killed on the site, and also promotes the concept of unity within the
Moorland community. The design of the three (3) art pieces should reflect these two ideas, and
may be connected thematically or through the use of similar materials, technique, color or
style, but it is not a requirement to do so.

The two main pieces (#1 and #2 described below) were originally conceived of as tile mosaics,
but the opportunity remains open to different approaches, and applicants are encouraged to
develop creative proposals using other permanent, durable, outdoor media that is scale
appropriate, and conforms to the site parameters described.

Art Piece #1 – Memorial Monument
The artwork will be located on the 1‐acre parcel and is an integral feature of the Andy Lopez
public memorial landscape. The community desired that the memorial area contain a likeness
of Andy Lopez, and the plan is for the installation of the likeness to be placed, set or otherwise
applied on the backside of a pre‐cast concrete memorial monument that will be set in place by
others prior to the installation of the art piece. The piece was originally conceived of as a tile
mosaic based on a photo‐realistic approach. However, the expectation is for the artist(s) to
bring their own creative approach to the piece, and other proposed mediums and styles will be
considered as long as it can be made to conform to the following parameter. The vertical face
of the precast monument wall is slightly convex, and measures approximately 9’ wide at the
base stepping up to a height of 4.5’ at the top (see attachment A ‐ detail sheet, purple
highlighted area). Regional Parks and the park steering committee may provide input on the
conceptual development of the piece after the proposal is accepted, and before the final design
is approved, but the artist will be responsible for developing the design, fabricating and
installing this piece themselves. Installation will take place after the precast unit has been set
in place on the site by the contractor.

Art Piece #1.1 – Memorial Niches
In addition to the vertical face, the front side of the precast memorial monument contains a
number of niches cast into the face of each of the three tiers. While the full height niches will
remain open to accommodate people leaving temporary items in them over time, there are 21
square niches that will be set with 8” x 8” glass blocks mortared in place (see attachment A ‐
detail sheet, red highlighted niches). The individual glass blocks are to be filled with items of
meaning brought by interested members of the community at a workshop organized and
facilitated by the County. The successful artist(s) will propose the method and means for
arranging and filling the blocks, and ultimately curate and install the community content into
the glass blocks in a manner to create stable, durable, and aesthetically cohesive memorial
boxes ready for grouting into place in the memorial monument by the contractor. Outreach for
the workshop to collect the items for filling the blocks will be done by the County, through a
consultant retained by the County, a landscape architect and member of the park design team.
The successful artist(s) may also participate in the workshop, but it will not be a requirement.

Art Piece #2 – Jam Circle Seat Wall
The artwork will be located on the 3‐acre parcel of the park, and designed to wrap the
horizontal and vertical surfaces of a site‐built concrete seat wall as part of the “jam circle”
feature situated in the park between the teen zone gathering area and the skate spot. The
“jam circle” concept came from a class discussion at a local school, and is designed as a series of
circular seat walls creating a space for youth to gather, hang out and play music (see
attachment B ‐ detail sheet). Regional Parks and the park steering committee, may provide
input on the thematic and material concept for this piece before the final design is approved.
For this piece there is an expectation that the artist, or team of artists, will work collaboratively
with a teacher and a small group of students at a local school on the initial design for the piece.
Outreach to the teacher and school group will be the responsibility of Regional Parks. Final
design, fabrication and installation of the artwork onto the site‐built concrete seat wall will be
the responsibility of the artist(s) and may or may not involve the participation of members of
the student group.

Project Location
Andy’s Unity Park
3399 Moorland Ave, and 405 Horizon Way
Santa Rosa, CA 95407

Project Budget
The maximum project budget is $12,500 for all three (3) pieces, inclusive of all artist(s) fees, and
all expenses related to design development, materials, and installation of the two art pieces,
including travel, and all other project related expenses. In the case of Art piece #2 the budget
should also include time for design and implementation of an input process for the artist(s) to
involve the participation of the student group.

Project Timeline
 November 3, 2017: Last day to submit questions in writing to project manager
 November 17, 2017: Deadline to submit proposals
 November 28, 2017: Selection panel recommends up to three
 November 30, 2017: Interviews (if needed)
 December 4, 2017: Final selection
 December 2017/February 2018: Design refinement, fabrication and Installation of artwork
*Dates are subject to change and exact date of installation is TBD.
*To be placed on the list for updates if any are released, please email the project manager:

Selection Process
A. All applications received by the specified deadline will be reviewed for content and complete
packets will be forwarded to the selection committee for evaluation.

B. The 5‐person selection panel includes two representatives from the neighborhood
community group, one from Regional Parks, a landscape architect from the park design
team, and a local arts advocate. The selection panel will identify and recommend up to
three (3) artists (or teams of artists) based on the project criteria outlined in the next section.
These finalists may be invited to an interview with members of the selection committee to
learn more about the artist or team of artists and their proposals.

C. The Regional Parks Foundation will approve the final artist(s) recommended by the selection
panel, and also reserves the right to decline any or all applications, or artists recommended
by the selections panel, and to reissue the RFP for additional artist candidates for any

D. The project manager may, during the evaluation process, request from any proposer
additional information deemed necessary to determine the proposer’s ability and/or to
clarify aspects of the proposal itself.

E. All applicants will be notified of their selection or non‐selection after the selection process is
completed and an artist or team of artists is awarded the commission.

Proposals will be evaluated and finalists selected using the following criteria (note that there is
no value or ranking implied in the order of this list):
 Artistic excellence, originality, and quality of proposal for this project.
 Appropriateness of the artist’s medium, style, and proposed project concepts as they
relate to the project objectives and parameters.
 Experience with projects of similar scope and scale, or the resources to procure
comparable professional experience as evidenced by representations of past work
 Availability and capacity to participate in the design and complete the implementation
of the project based on the proposed timeline.
 Feasibility of proposed project, including appropriateness of budget.

The scope of work for this project will include the following:
 Finalizing proposal concepts to accurately convey the work’s artistic intent, design, location, colors, materials, fabrication processes, costs and production time. Artists will be expected to provide scaled renderings, models and other visual material to adequately illustrate how the artwork will appear when installed at the site.
 Meeting with Regional Parks and community representatives as needed, to further develop the proposal which may or may not include the incorporation of additional information regarding the subject of the memorial, Andy Lopez.
 In the case of Art piece #1.1, coordination with Regional Parks and their landscape architect which may or may not include attendance at one community workshop.
 In the case of Art piece #2, design and implementation of an input process to involve the student group. (Note: the relationship with the teacher and school group has already
been identified, and the relationship will be coordinated by Regional Parks)
 Fabricating and installing the artwork at the site.

The format shall be 8.5 x 11 and the entire submittal package shall not exceed twenty (20) single sided pages including the application form.

Submittals will be accepted digitally via email (10 mb max.) and/or by hardcopy, and must be received no later than 2:00 pm November 17, 2017. To receive consideration and to facilitate evaluation, please submit the following materials in the order described below.
1. Completed application form (attached).
2. Artist statement of intent (1 page maximum). Include description of the project and
which of the three (3) art pieces are being proposed on, as well as the design approach
and materials for each, and how the elements of the project will be fabricated, installed
and any maintenance concerns to be aware of.
3. Proposal. Include up to five (5) photos, diagrams, sketches, or plans of your proposed
project, numbered and fully labeled so it is clear which of the three (3) art pieces are
being proposed on. Each photo, diagram, sketch or plan cannot exceed one 8.5x11”
page. If the proposal represents a joint venture, be it a partnership or team effort,
please clearly describe who will be responsible for which aspects of the project.
4. Statement of Qualifications and Experience. Provide specific information concerning
the artist’s or team’s experience in creating artwork relating to the scope and scale of
that being requested for this opportunity. Included up to five (5) photos of previous
artwork, numbered and fully labeled, that best demonstrate your qualifications for this
project. Artists applying as a team may submit up to five (5) photos for each team
member. Each photo cannot exceed one 8.5x11” page. Include a photo list for all
images including title, date, materials, dimensions, location, a brief description of the
project, and the project cost.
5. Resume(s). One (1) page maximum per artist.
Please do not bind the above materials and do not submit in plastic sleeves, folders or binders.
For electronic submissions please assemble into a multi‐page PDF file format (10 mb max.).

To request an application form or for more information, and to be placed on the list to receive updates, contact Regional Parks’ project manager, Scott Wilkinson at (707) 565‐2734 or scott.wilkinson@sonoma‐

Apply by email

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