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Arts in April 2016, di Rosa - Photo credit: Bob McClenahan




“Arts Council Napa Valley has been amazing in uplifting the cultural life of the Napa Valley. In doing so, they uplift the entire community.”

- John Hannaford, Musician



Above: Arts in April 2016 at di Rosa. Photo by Bob McClenahan.

Top: Kids at Arts Now Napa Summit (photo credit: Robb McDonough); Bottom Right: Arts in April at di Rosa (Photo by Bob McClenahan), Dancers at Arts in April Preview at Napa Valley Museum (Robb McDonough)Top: Arts Now Napa Summit, photos by Robb McDonough; Bottom Left: Arts in April 2016 at di Rosa, photo by Bob McClenahan; Bottom Right: Arts in April 2016 at Napa Valley Museum, photo by Robb McDonough


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