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What is ‘Ever Present Advocacy’?

Advocacy is a broad and often confusing term, so to provide clarity we would like to break down what we mean by Ever Present Advocacy.

At ACNV, we have the opportunity to influence public debate and important issues affecting the arts community. That happens in meetings with city managers, city council meetings, economic development departments, parks and recreation departments, and county supervisor meetings. We remind the people who hold positions in government agencies that the arts community creates our cultural identity and enriches our day to day lives. We are honored to have this huge responsibility, and it is woven into the fabric of everything our organization does.

The priorities ACNV voices to these decision makers  comes directly  from our relationships and communications with the arts community, which is why it is so important for us to be connected to our community members constantly.We work to serve the long term needs of the arts community through this work with government agencies. It offers the best way to bring about systemic, lasting change.

We also play this role with private business; explaining how arts contracts work, instructing how to conduct an artist call, encouraging hiring local artists, and connecting them to the people we know that have the skills they need for their event or project – ACNV is the resource they turn to.

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