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Our Programs

As a Nonprofit, Arts Council Napa Valley serves our mission through our programs. We strive to make the biggest impact with the resources invested in our organization. Our programs, explained below, exist because they align with our mission to unite, support, and enhance our exceptional arts community.

We are unique in Napa County’s arts ecosystem in the sense that our programs operate ‘behind the scenes’. Themes of network building, open lines of communication, ever present advocacy, and providing knowledge about and access to funding sources exist throughout our programs.

We work with government agencies to ensure the arts has a seat at the policy decision making table. We also help create public and private sector partnerships, to promote our mission, so our arts community can focus on practicing their art rather than searching for opportunities.

Critical to our work is the ability to reach our community to disseminate information while receiving input and feedback about what is needed, so we know we are fighting for what matters.

Lastly, our collective power helps us demonstrate the need and desire for funding in Napa county. The more artists, designers and performers we have engaged with our organization, the more accurately we can paint the picture of how vibrant our community could be with increased funding opportunities.

Our Programs


Community Fund Grant

Arts Council Napa Valley’s bi-annual (Winter and Summer) funding opportunity for individual artists and arts organizations, focused on public engagement and accessibility through their practice.

Creative Directory

A searchable database of everyone in Napa County who is a part of the vibrant fabric of our creative industries. Find talent, see what they do best, where they’re willing to work and contact them.

Education Alliance

We believe the arts engage and connect students with each other, their school, and their community and are integral to teaching and learning 21st century skills. Through the Education Alliance partnering with schools and the community, we will ensure equitable access to a culturally-relevant arts education.

Insider Link

Stay in the know about industry information through our Insider Link newsletter, receive invites to ‘Link-up’ industry mixers and notifications about advocacy opportunities.

Napa County State of the Arts

Every two years, ACNV hosts a summit that investigates the issues of the time, designed to inspire and motivate our arts community.

Arts In April

An annual, month-long proclamation and call for celebration of the arts and cultural community in Napa County.

Leadership Network

A volunteer collective of arts organizations and individual artists who meet quarterly to discuss and plan action to address the pressing needs of the community as a whole.

Advising & Referrals

A core function of our organization is to offer guidance, tools and referral of professional artists to help non-arts organizations successfully interact and integrate the arts into their work.


Our community is empowered by information, and one aspect of our work is gathering information about our community. We use it to properly represent the arts community in policy and funding discussions.