#10 Who We Are Wednesdays

What does an Arts Council do anyway? Part 10: Where do we go from Here?

Aug. 01, 2019 | Arts Council Napa Valley

Who We Are Wednesdays: What does an Arts Council do anyway?

Now that you’ve been introduced to what the Arts Council does and have an idea of ACNV’s programming and mission, it’s time for Who We Are Wednesdays. The bigger picture is out there now, and what we want to do now is keep you updated on the current goings-on in the Arts Council. As this info campaign ends, a new social media look is coming for ACNV.

What does this mean?

Instead of a weekly informational post about the Arts Council, we are going to be transitioning to a few different types of posts on our two social media platforms: FaceBook and Instagram.

What to expect from Social Media

There are going to be five main things our social media posts will be covering:

ACNV Programs

Posts about programs will be keeping you updated with our big news in programming. This could mean anything from an announcement of the Community Fund Grant application window opening to updates on the Creative Directory. These programs posts will be giving you the important info on how our programs can impact you and the Napa County community.


With the release of the Creative Directory, it’s important that we recognize our community artists and help promote them to locals and hirers. This is where Artists highlights come into play. With these kinds of posts, we’ll highlight the work of all media of art to uplift our local artists and show you new creatives to keep up with.

Community Happenings

Similar to the Programs posts, these community happenings posts will be highlighting news about the arts and culture news in Napa County. This could be anything from updates on policy, events happening in the County, or campaigns happening for the arts locally. These posts will keep you up-to-date on the arts scene in Napa!

Arts Locations

All these arts events and happenings happen somewhere, right? That’s what these kinds of posts are here to tell you about. We’re going to be highlighting different arts locations to show the public who supports the arts, and give creatives ideas for who to contact and get inspiration from for their own creative projects.


As we’ve been releasing info on the Arts Council, who we are and what we do, there’s probably been a lot to absorb. We want to help bridge the gap of understanding between the organization and the public, so this series of posts will be giving you commonly-used Arts Council terminology to help break down the barrier between you and us. We want to connect with you, not close you off- so it’s essential we’re all speaking the same language. That’s why these terms posts will be essential in bringing ACNV closer to the Napa County community.

When Does this Start?

This new Social Media Plan rolls out starting this week! Keep an eye out for these new posts to learn more about the programs, creatives, happenings, locations and terms surrounding the Arts in Napa County.

Thanks for going on this ride with me to learn about who we are, and I look forward to showing you more about who we are and what we do in the future!

Have suggestions on how to improve our Social Media presence?
Please send your suggestions to: crysta@artscouncilnv.org