December 2019 VAPA Student of the Month Winners

Arts Council Napa Valley Education Alliance Announces

December Art Students of the Month

Here are our amazing December VAPA winners. We are so proud of these kids and the work they are doing under the guidance of some amazing teachers. Summer Heartt, Lisa Gottfried, Monica Jacobson, Karla Palmer, Aimee Guilot, Olivia Cowell, Nick Burdick & DeeAndrea Ellis. And we thank the Napa Valley Community Foundation for its support of our VAPA Awards and Scholarship Program.

College and High School Level Winners

Amy Carson, Napa High, Photography. Teacher: Karla Palmer.

Gavin Armendariz, New Technology High, Digital Design. Teacher: Lisa Gottfried.

William Katz, Justin-Siena, Studio Arts. Teacher: Monica Jacobson.

Nick Ayers, American Canyon High, Theater. Teacher: Summer Heartt

Tessa Mello, Vintage High, Theater. Cafeteria Kids Theater Directors: Olivia Cowell & Aimee Guilot.

Middle & Elementary Level Winners

Noah Elsas, River Middle School, Band & Orchestra. Teacher: DeeAndrea Ellis.

Sophia Ochoa, Harvest Middle School, Band & Orchestra. Teacher: Nick Burdick.

ACNVEA did not receive nomination in any other discipline for middle or elementary school. 

All nominated students will receive a certificate acknowledging their exemplary work and dedication to furthering their art.

ACNVEA is currently reaching out to teachers throughout the county seeking nominees for the month of December. All nominees will be recognized with a certificate and winners will be featured on social media and receive recognition from appropriate school boards. If you know someone, a teacher or a student who deserves recognition, please direct them to the ACNV or ACNVEA websites for full details, including the Call for Nominees document. The next round of nominations are due by January 22nd.