Napa Quake Mosaic Seeks Objects Recovered from North Bay Wildfires

Local Artist works to help heal Napa

(NOV 2017 – Napa, CA) The Napa Quake Mosaic is a collaborative public art project created to honor
those affected by the 2014 earthquake in Napa. In response to October’s North Bay Wildfires, project
lead Kristina Young is expanding the project scope.

“At its heart, the Napa Quake Mosaic was created for our community as we healed from trauma
caused by natural disaster. The recent wildfires have eclipsed the impact of the 2014 earthquake we
want to include those affected in the project,” says Young. The project will be renamed and the mosaic
redesigned to incorporate objects recovered from the fire.

The Quake Mosaic will be still fabricated using primarily household objects broken during the
earthquake and donated by community members. However, now Young is currently seeking donations
of objects found by fire victims as they begin to go through the recovery process.

Several artists lost their studios in the fire and will be donating recovered items to the project. Among
those artists is Norma Quintana, a Napa photographer who is now working on a series entitled ‘Forage
from Fire”, who lost her home in the Atlas Peak Fire will be giving a camera she found in the clean up.
Karen Lynn Ingalls, a landscape painter from Calistoga who lost her barn studio in the Tubbs Fire, will
also be contributing some of the recovered items she collects.

Donations may be made and more information found at

Photo Credit: Norma Quintana from her “Forage from Fire” Photo Series