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Napa Valley Writers in the Schools

Two projects are underway involving Napa writers in their local schools.

Two projects are underway involving Napa writers in their local schools. Marianne Lyon and Roberta Wright are engaging third graders at McPherson Elementary School in a lunchtime poetry workshop. Students will be encouraged by their teachers to complete poems at home and bring them to share during their Friday lunch break. The adult writers will model the process of praising the poetic elements that tickle the fancy of the listeners and will teach their young charges how to give helpful critiques to their classmates. With some poetry singing included, the kids are bound to have a great time and develop their appreciation for reading and writing poetry.

Four branch members are working as partners with Napa Learns on project-based learning at four middle schools. Roxanne Lance, Cathy Maire, Marilyn Campbell, and Lenore Hirsch has each been presented to the seventh graders at their appointed school as eager to produce a blockbuster book for young adult readers. The challenge to the students: engage in a dialogue with the writer to help her know the literary themes you most enjoy reading about. The trick of course is that the kids have to learn all about literary themes to prepare for the Socratic dialogue that will conclude the unit of study. And if you think you know what a literary theme is, you might just be mistaken! Welcome to the sophisticated goals of the California standards for teaching English.