Cafeteria Kids Theater


Serving up drama for the young people of Napa Valley, CKT offers acting opportunities and classes for kids, teens, and schools. Our mission is to bring the performing arts to children and families as a way of adding to the cultural environment in Napa Valley; using theater as a vehicle to bridge different ethnicities, backgrounds, and perspectives. We strive to educate children to investigate the commonalities that exist in all people as they journey through the creative process which in turn builds inner confidence, imagination, and empathy. Our goal is to give children of all ages the tools they need to discover the artist within them, and live in the world from a place of creativity, compassion and love. Aimée and Olivia have collectively taught over 3000 students in the Napa Valley.

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Arts Council Napa Valley 501(c)3 is funded in part by the California Arts Council, a state agency, and the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency.


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