Robbie G

Robbie G, also known as Roberto Trumpet, or Robert, has played the trumpet and music since he was about 10 years old. Inspired by his dads families band, he picked up the sounds, and asked his elementary school band teacher if he could play the trumpet in 5th grade. 

He has received numerous awards from his school years, mainly for Jazz music, has attended numerous Jazz camps as a youth, like Stanford Jazz Fest and the Sacramento Tradition Jazz Society Camp. In 2001, auditioned and was selected as one of five trumpeters from across the U.S. for the Grammy high school All Star big band, and  to play the Grammys and several Jazz clubs in Los Angeles. He also performed in the Monterey Jazz Fest All Star Big Band Japan Tour, which included some of the best high school Jazz musicians from across the country. In college, he attended the Berklee College of Music in Boston on scholarship, and graduated with a Bachelor of Professional Studies degree.

 He is now leading a regular Sunday music Jazz styled jam session at the Twenty Rows Tasting room, downtown Napa and continues to produce music while not performing. 

Services Provided: Robert is available for 1. Music Production (as a Producer or Engineer) 2. As a Trumpeter 3. Music lessons. (He uses a portable ProTools system, a Bach Stradivarius trumpet and Kelly Mouthpieces).

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