Kiva Zip's Crowdfunded Loans

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Creating Access to Capital for Bay Area Entrepreneurs 

Kiva Zip, part of the nonprot, is a website that enables financially excluded and socially impactful entrepreneurs to access 0% interest small business loans. We reinsert relationships into the financial system by facilitating lending through Kiva’s community of over 70,000 potential customers, business advisors and brand ambassadors.

The Loan: 

•     0% interest 

•     First Time Loans Up to $10,000 

•     No credit score, collateral, business plan or financial statements required 

•     Crowdfunded by borrower’s personal network as well as Kiva Zip’s community of lenders 

•     Terms up to 36 months–Grace periods available agriculture businesses 

•     1–3 month application and fundraising period 

•     Borrowers have a 90% success rate of reaching their goal on Kiva Zip 

•     Opportunity to build your business credit score 

We Care about Your Character, not Your Credit Score: 

•     We use a process of social underwriting to determine creditworthiness of a borrower 

•     You establish your reputation and community of support by inviting lenders from your network

Possible Uses for a Kiva Loan: 

•     Another set of hands 

•     Upgraded equipment and space renovations 

•     Working capital or inventory 

•     Certifications and licensing 

To apply, visit 

To learn more, contact Spencer Larkin at

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