Production Manager

Playwrights Foundation | San Francisco, CA | Apply by March 31st, 2018


● Ensure and track that BAPF contracts are written, delivered and signed, and all relevant paperwork processed by Office Manager.

● Providing system of check requests for artists and contract staff and interns

● Directly facilitating coordination of travel and lodging for playwrights and any out-of-town artistic personnel.

● In collaborations with staff, orienting, training, and providing ongoing direction to interns

● In collaboration with Admin, informing production related content for preparation of packets and information

● In collaboration with staff, collaborating on production postmortem and evaluation, documentation, and final communications as needed


● Planning, coordinating and implementing all of the production related tasks of the BAPF events, including both readings and special events.

● Adherence to festival production budget

● Participate in weekly production meetings (in person or telecommunication) with PF staff commencing April, at mutually agreed times.

● Overseeing the creation of a production and rehearsal calendar, and update as needed.

● Procuring adequate rehearsal space

● Overseeing the creation of a detailed, hour-by-hour master production schedule for all festival weekend activities and events, with assigned responsibilities and deadlines, and keep it updated

● Hire and oversee production staff

   o To include roles such as Tech Director, Production Assistant, Load-in Crew,

   o Hold and monitor the master schedule for staffing of external events

   o Troubleshoot and address production issues

   o Setting policy and procedures for production teams o Assigning responsibility for production activities to PF staff, including AD

● Oversee Special Events Coordinator, coordinating logistical and production details, and tracking their progress

● With PF staff, overseeing the travel logistics of BAPF retreat, attending retreat beginning or end to orient artistic teams on production and rehearsal process from tech POV

● Communicate with artistic teams about rehearsal needs, conflicts and schedules

● Secure and to allocate spaces and other resources according to overall festival priorities

● Perform company management duties (pre-production and during festival/primary responsibility) with the following responsibilities:

   o procure and liaison with festival housing for out-of-town playwrights and artists

   o procure travel for out-of-town playwrights and arrange for their arrival and departure

   o arrange for in-town travel by public transportation for out-of-town playwrights

   o create and maintain the festival contact sheet

● Create and disseminate administrative packets for all festival participants to explain procedures and expectations for technical and rehearsal needs, including schedules and contact sheets

● Provide coordination of technical elements (pre-production and during festival/primary responsibility)

● Assist TD with the gathering of all necessary production supplies and equipment, including props, equipment

● Work together with LD/TD on the design of the stage, and insure that we have the supplies and equipment needed

● Develop and fulfill resource usage priorities, including a script copying policy

● Communicate regularly with artistic teams about production and rehearsal needs

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