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Arts Groups Across the Country Ask Artists to Respond to the FCC in on Net Neutrality

Nov. 13, 2014 | Olivia Everett

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If you’re an artist or performer who uses the internet to reach your audiences, then you may want to read these articles to understand how current legislation may impact your future.
Here are a few letters from national arts associations:
This morning, President Barack Obama stood with millions of Americans across political lines in urging the Federal Communications Commission to preserve an open and accessible Internet. This is a very big deal for all Internet users, including musicians, composers, and independent labels, whose creative expression, sites and services must not be discriminated against on the whims of a few powerful Internet Service Providers, like Comcast and Verizon.
Check out the video and official statement here.
We have long been clear on one basic point: a pay-for-play Internet would be a crushing loss to the music community. [...]  Keep your eyes on our site for clear explanations of what the FCC is asking in the new docket, and how to weigh in.
For now, our friends at Free Press have all sorts of ways to spread the word and keep up the momentum. You can also check out the FCC's offical fact sheet on the rulemaking.”
Net Neutrality: FCC retracts anti-innovation 'Fast Lanes' after public backlash; releases official proposal
Earlier this month, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler released portions of his highly contested plan for the future of network neutrality, which incorporated language that would have purportedly bless the creation of "internet fast lanes." Backlash from the public, consumer rights groups, and a cadre of nearly 150 internet companies prompted the chairman to backpedal and promise to remove the contentious language. The Electronic Frontier Foundation is encouraging the public to voice your opposition to "internet fast lanes" through their new public comment tool, which will help users submit their opinion directly to the FCC.

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