Demystifying Fair Use: A Crash Course for Authors

California Lawyers for the Arts | Wells Fargo Building, Berkeley, CA | February 13th, 2018


Authors often incorporate existing materials in their works. A historian may excerpt a soldier’s letters to a loved one; an art critic may reproduce a telling detail from a painting; a fiction writer may incorporate quotes from a popular song. Sometimes, authors need to seek permission or pay for a license to use copyrighted materials. But not always. In fact, unlicensed use may be legally permitted by virtue of the “fair use” doctrine, a well-known (but oft-misunderstood) limitation to copyright in the United States. Authors are likely to make and benefit from fair uses in every phase of the creative process, but they often find it difficult to know when to rely on fair use and when to seek permission.

Join copyright attorneys Robert Kirk Walker and Brianna L. Schofield for a crash course in fair use. This workshop will provide an overview of the law of fair use, explain best practices for fair use as developed by creative communities, and showcase a new guide to fair use for nonfiction authors.

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