RAD Napa: Call for Artists and Artist Teams residing in Napa, Sonoma, Solano, Yolo, or Sacramento County

(RAD) Rail Arts District Napa | Napa | Apply by December 15th, 2017

Request for Qualifications (RFQ): RAD Public Art Project

DEADLINE November 30, 2017 5:00pm
The Rail Arts District (RAD) Napa invites artists and artist teams residing in Napa, Sonoma, Solano, Yolo, or
Sacramento County to submit their qualifications for a Utility Box Vinyl Wrap Project. Artists will be selected based on
their past work and paid $500 to create a design that will be transferred to vinyl, and wrapped around a railroad
utility box along the Napa Valley Wine Train route located in the RAD.

Budget: A budget has been established to pay each selected artist a design fee of $500. The fabrication and
installation of the wraps will be managed and paid for by the RAD.
Artist Eligibility: Eligible artists must reside within Napa, Sonoma, Solano, Yolo, or Sacramento COUNTY. The
selected artists/artist teams must be available to begin design work immediately and complete their designs by
February 1, 2018.

Rail Arts District (RAD) Napa
UTILITY BOX Public Art Project

Project Overview: The Rail Art District (RAD) has recommended funding the design and production of wraps for
10 utility boxes in the RAD and adjacent to the Napa Valley Wine Train route through downtown Napa. The utility
boxes are owned and operated by the Napa Valley Wine Train and are located in the RAD district between California
Blvd. and Napa Streets at the railroad crossings. The wraps will be designed by artists, transferred to vinyl and then
applied using a standard fabrication and installation method. Artists can use a variety of media including
photography, painting, collage, and digital imagery to develop their designs.


About RAD: The Napa Valley Wine Train partnered with Napa Valley Vine Trail and the local arts community to
create the Rail Arts District (RAD) Napa. With initial funding from the Napa Valley Wine Train and Napa Valley Vine
Trail, RAD Napa is improving the “Cross Town Commuter Path” in the heart of downtown Napa by commissioning
murals, sculptures, landscaping and a mosaic to commemorate the Napa Valley earthquake. The RAD District starts
at the McKinstry Street Station at the beginning of the 36-mile Wine train route and runs for 1.7 miles along a bike
and walking trail through the old industrial section of downtown Napa.


RAD Napa was founded by a group of volunteer business men and women, artists, designers, and community
members in 2016 and is sponsored by the Napa Valley Vine Trail Coalition. In one short year, the group has
developed guidelines for the district and commissioned 4 murals. The utility box project is a part of short term plan
to activate the trail with temporary works of art.


Artist Selection Criteria: Artists who have not made public art will be encouraged to apply if they have at least
5 years’ experience as a professional working artist as evidenced by their exhibition record, critical reviews, honors
and awards. Applicants must:
• have the ability to work collaboratively with other design professionals, stakeholders and staff;
• have a desire to translate their work into permanent and sustainable materials;
• possess a proven mastery or skill in at least one artistic medium; and
• live in Napa, Solano, Sonoma, Yolo, or Sacramento County.
Artist Selection Process: An artist selection and design review panel consisting of representatives from the
RAD and arts professionals will be established to review artist qualifications and select artist to create artworks for 10
utility boxes:
• The selection panel will select artists by majority vote based on the quality of the artist’s past work.
• Selected artist finalists will be placed under contract and paid $500 to create a conceptual design.
• The selection panel will recommend too approve a conceptual design (or make design recommendations)
based on majority vote.
• Artists will then be given a notice to proceed and approval to create a final design.


Applications due: ..............................................November 30, 2017
Artists selected: .................................................December 15, 2017
Finalist design approval: ..................................February 1, 2018
Artwork installation: .........................................April 1, 2018


RFQ Application: The application is on page 3. Please complete the application and mail or submit
electronically to the address below by the deadline of Thursday, November 30, at 5:00 pm.


APPLICATION (include this information in your application email)
RAD Utility Box Public Art Project

Artist’s Name: ________________________________________________________________________
Address: ____________________________________________________________________________
E-mail Address: ________________________________ Phone: ________________________________

_______ Resume (4 pages maximum)
_______ Ten (10) images of past work. Images can be JPEG or in a PowerPoint program presentation format.
_______ Annotated Image List:
A numbered list of corresponding submitted images that includes the artwork title, date, medium, and


Application Deadline: Thursday, November 30, 2017, 5:00 pm

Send Application:
Send materials to curator@RADNapa.org

If files are too large for email, go to dropbox.com, create an account (its free!) and share your application with

Questions? Contact Shelly Willis, curator@RADNapa.org or call: 707-252-3547 x500
To learn more about the RAD: http://www.radnapa.org/

Apply online | Apply by email

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